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Cloud floors or floors with cloud effect.

clouds floor

Have you already seen a floor covering that allows youto feel as if on a cloud? It feels like you walk right across the sky and at the same time you feel a hard floor under your feet. Does this sound familiar? Then you already know the unsurpassed aesthetic effect that an innovative product can bring. It has already won admirers both among consumers and among professional masters. So what is cloud floor or floor with cloud effect? What are their advantages? Our experts will tell you.

What is a cloud floor?

This is a real work of art that looks like clouds. Such a celestial, slightly cloudy effect is achieved in particular by applying a mixture of several shades and the introduction of special oxidants in the composition. They penetrate into the concrete and chemically change it, creating a unique color and permanent color effects. Thus, we get an original allocation of one color to others as if there were real clouds in the sky. Hence you get the feeling that you are walking along the celestial slope: bright clouds are under your feet, and under them the dark sky is visible. The color range is incredibly wide, our specialists create unique "cloud floors" and they also can create an individual project of color gradations for you.

They can have two bases: microcement and resin. When choosing it is enough to indicate to the masters features of the future exploitation and they will tell you which option you should prefer.

The scope of application of "cloud" coverings can be diverse: ideal for offices, private houses, shops, public places, restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping centers and exhibition halls.

Cloud floors from us – unchanged Italian quality!

Floors with cloud effect, which are produced by the trademark Apse, is a reliable, strong and durable product. The high professionalism of the masters, the unique Italian quality and the well-deserved reputation of one of the leaders in the European market leave no doubt about it. The main goal of our company is a sense of respect and commitment to the wishes of the client. Therefore, all materials of unchanged Italian quality is the best solution for finishing your home!

We produce both types of "cloud" floor coverings and carefully make sure that they meet not only the aesthetic requirements of the customer, but are completely safe for health and the environment. Therefore, the resin for installing the cloud floor in our plants is made on the basis of water. This ensures not only high environmental friendliness but also a friendliness to the human body.

Advantages of cloud floors.

  1. Versatility. It is used for all types of premises: residential, industrial, public, medical, etc.
  2. Absolute safety, non-toxicity, hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness. Ideal material for flooring in children's institutions, bedrooms, hospitals, etc.
  3. Do not leak water due to their high density and tightness. They are actively used in premises with high humidity: in bathrooms, in kitchens, in the pools and in the baths.
  4. Do not require major investment to clean and care for them. Simple warm soapy water and minimal maintenance will be enough. Therefore, they are often used for arranging offices or shops, as well as public places. It is very simple to keep clean and tidy in such establishments.
  5. Have an anti-dust effect, which helps to clean easily and simply, avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris. For this reason, they are practical for premises in children's institutions, hospitals, medical reception rooms.
  6. Special additives and fillers help to compact "sky" flour so that it becomes unaffected by atmospheric influences, and therefore is not afraid of changes in temperature, water and moisture. It does not have any pores, into which gets a moisture and then, tears it up after freezing. And adding a special polymer to prevent slipping, you can safely use it for flooring on outdoor terraces, near swimming pools, in yards.
  7. Original design. Cloud floor is the perfect combination of bold design ideas and high construction technologies. It can be supplemented with an unlimited number of colors to get new options.
  8. The monolithic surface of the "sky" flour is provided by the absence of seams and joints, which does not give chances for the development of microorganisms and provides easy care.
  9. High unique wear resistance. The thickness of the coating can be minimal, while achieving its maximum strength.
  10. High quality from our company. High performance of a "cloud" flour innovative product from the Italian manufacturer is proved by a number of grateful customers.


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