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Application of resin floors.

resin floor

Here we will learn about the work of our craftsmen, and the application precess of resin floors. Our specialists have gained a lot of experience in the creation of this type of coatings. All of our completed projects can be seen in our photo gallery and in video tutorials. You can always ask for more detailed info on those you like the most. You will get an estimate on the materials used considering your sizes and individual preferences.

Decorative coatings.

The application of a resin decorative floor includes the following steps



  1. Preparation of the surface (it may be of any type: concrete, tile, wood etc ..) in order to create high adhesion with the material. For best results, we rub down the surface and remove the dust.
  2. The next step is to prepare the primer and a special mesh. It consists of two components, in addition to polymers and resins, we also add quartz sand, which provides extra solidity. This  mesh is applied on the screed with the help of spatula.
  3. Primer is left to dry for at least for 24h.  After drying it is cleaned of quartz residual, rubbed down and then vacuumed.
  4. The next step is the application of the first layer. We prepare the mesh in strict accordance with the required proportions and add the quartz sand. Taking into account the proportion of 1 kg of mesh per 1 square meter, the thickness of this layer will be less than 2 mm. This layer is applied as follows:it is poured and spread with the help of spatula. As a result we obtaine a smooth and perfectly uniform surface.
  5. After at least 18 hours, we apply a protective layer, thanks to which the floor will have a non-slip effect. The addition of glass microspheres allows us to create a matte surface; Without this step, the floor will be smooth and shiny.
  6. After drying of the first protective layer (24h),we apply the second one. The application is performed with the aid of a felt roller.
  7. The entire process of application does not last more than 3-4 days. After delivery, it is not necessary to wait, the floor is immediately ready for use.

Another the decorative floor variant is based on microcement: such coating is almost identical  in terms of quality to the resin one and has many positive qualities. These include not only a wide range of colors, but also the possibility to choose a texture and perform a spatula effect to create unique designs.

You will find the complete description of application of a decorative microcement floor here below.

  1. We prepare the surface for better adhesion( rub down).
  2. We apply the primer, that will give solidity to the next layer.
  3. When the primer has dried we rub down the surface and remove the dust .
  4. The floor in this case is made of polymers, resin and microcement. The mesh for the first layer is prepared by using 1 kg of material per 1 square meter. We carefully spread it with the help of spatula, and as a result get less than 1mm thickness.
  5. The surface is left to dry for at least 8 hours, then it should be rubbed down,  and the dust should be carefully removed. Only then, the second layer is applied. This layer is thinner, and is obtained by following the ratio of 0.5-0.7 kg of mesh per square meter. After drying, the surface is rubbed down with fine grain sand paper.
  6. Then, the surface, is covered with acrylic base protective layer using a felt roller . After drying, an additional protective layer is applied.
  7. After at least 12 hours the wax is applied. The procedure is carried out by rubbing the surface with a felt cloth. The second layer is applied only after complete drying of the first, which usually takes 6-8 hours.
  8. The application of a microcement floor usually takes about 4-5 days. After the delivery, it is immediately ready for use.

As it can be seen in our detailed description, it is not a very complicated process, but it's still better to consider a professional help. Each situation requires an individual approach, and depends on many factors: the state of a base surface, the qualities the future floor should possess, the colour and the environment microclimate. Contact us and our team of skilled craftsmen will perform a flawless and rapid application!

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