To designers.

If you are a designer looking for new style solutions, our products are able to perectly meet to your creative needs. A wide range of decorative solutions and  materials will guarantee you absolute freedom of action. You can, as well, leave behind the old models, creating a masterpiece every time you use our products. This way, you can guarantee unique solutions to each of your customers and implement your creativity with innovative materials.

APSE appreciates originality, practicality and high quality and here below is the list of what
we offer:

  • a wide range of products for the decoration for any destination: apartments, offices and public spaces;
  • a comfy catalogue of materials with demonstration samples;
  • complete freedom to create unique designs;
  • the possibility to use the schemes of application and combination of our products;
  • a  variety of colours for decorative resin coatings and plasters, which do not limit your creativity;
  • ease of use and application of our products, which justifies their price;
  • the quality and sustainability certified according to the European standards;
  • constant research and development of innovative products, which will help you strengthen your creative potential;
  • safe and ecofriendly materials;
  • collaboration according to European standards: honesty, transparency and mutual respect;
  • training courses to fully understand all the characteristics of each type of product.

If you are a professional designer and you dedicate your heart and soul to this job, you can start a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with V&V Ltd. Fill in the contact request form on our website. We will call you back you as soon as possible to provide you information, catalogs and samples.

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