Waxed Concrete: High technology for your home.

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Waxed concrete is a new modern product, which is able to surprise even the most qualified professionals because it can be applied in a thin layer on virtually any surface and gives unlimited opportunities in the realization of a variety of design solutions. Being a  manufacturing company apermits us to offer you the most competitive prices. We also offer the application service of waxed concrete flooring of any complexity and any volume. With us you save twice: by purchasing quality waxed concrete and application service directly from the manufacturer.

The high adhesion of the material allows you to not dismantle the old surface, but to cover it directly. The wide range of colors and shades, as well as the wide selection of textures and patterns, permit you to realize even the most particular design ideas. Furthermore, this material is water-repellent, resistant to direct jets of water, and creating a continuous, uncoated surface is extremely hygienic. So waxed concrete coatings would be suitable for kitchens, bars, shops, hospitals, and even swimming pools.

In addition, waxed concrete is a sustainable material. It does not emit harmful substances, is fast and easy to clean, it dries quickly and does not make harm to human health. So it is often used in kindergartens and residential areas.
Even a thin layer of waxed concrete allows you to renovate any base from the floor to the walls without dismantling the pre-existing surface, covering the sanitary ware in the bathroom or the shower, cooking stoves, and working panel in the kitchen. In addition, this material does not require any reinforcement, it has a perfect seal even in the case of bulky surfaces. Being a smooth and continuous ,the waxed concrete floor is durable and hygienic in every room.

With the use of waxed concrete it is possible to create both glossy and opaque surfaces. The use of professional sanders will allow you to create a marble effect and make your floor even more beautiful than that of  Roman residences.

This high-tech material is a guarantee of quality, long life and practicality.

Waxed concrete floor is a new solution for traditional interior design.

Waxed concrete has a special structure that gives it exceptional qualities. It consists of tiny microparticles that are able to penetrate the pores of the old floor and cover all the surface smoothly. Thanks to its high adhesion, this material can be used to cover tiles, glass, ceramics, cement mortar, plasterboard and other materials that would otherwise be dismantled if you use another type of coating. With the invention of this fantastic material, application techniques have radically changed. The task of the craftsman is simply to strengthen the existing surface and make it more uniform. Waxed concrete will do all the rest, which in addition to homogeneously filling the entire surface of the floor, will make it super-resistant. All irregularities, cracks and defects will be hidden under a very thin but durable layer. Your floor will look great and at the same time will be durable and practical.

It is believed that waxed concrete can only be used in minimal and high tech style. But today, the number of design solutions is unlimited. Thanks to a wide range of colors and textures, it is perfect for decorating any environment. This type of coating is the most practical to cover the external terraces of restaurants and cafes. The variety of colors and textures makes this type of coating suitable even for unusual styles such as african.

Regardless of the chosen style, waxed concrete floors are a guarantee of practicality, durability, and excellent aesthetic appearance.

Waxed concrete for bathrooms.

If we talk about the bathroom, waxed concrete is an optimal solution not only from the point of view of resistance and hygiene, but also from the economic one. Considering its ability to cover any material without demolishing the old coating and its high adhesion, in some cases waxed concrete becomes the only possible choice. So let's take a look at all the positive features of waxed cement.

  1. No cost of dismantling of old tiles etc. If you have decided to renovate your bathroom, the waxed concrete coating will solve all the problems at once. Walls, floor, ceiling, sanitary ware, and even the shower box or bathtub can be restored using this unique material. In this case the savings are obvious: no cost of dismantling. Additionally, a nice coating will give you new life to your bathroom and will last for decades.
  2. Waxed concrete is spread manually, giving you the ability to create a customized design on each surface. A variety of colours, textures and the possibility to add decorations will make your bathroom unique and original.
  3. Continuous surface, completely free of joints that guarantees many advantages: hygiene, easy cleaning, no bacteria or other pathogenic flora, waterproofness.
  4. Very low hygroscopicity prevents the spread of microorganisms on the surface of the floor and ensures no infiltration even when exposed to water.
  5. It is applied in a very thin layer of 4 mm. Thanks to this you can apply it on any surface without altering their shape and thickness.
  6. It fits perfectly with the floor heating system , which is very practical for the bathroom.
  7. The unique combination of flexibility and stiffness. This prevents from the appearance of cracks on the surface and maintains its resistance characteristics.
  8. Resists the climatic swings, retaining its original properties at different temperatures and humidity levels.

Waxed concrete. Prices.

Our company offers you the unique opportunity to buy waxed concrete at the best price! Why? Because we are  manufacturers and it can be purchased directly from us. We have a wide range of colours and textures that allow you to create your own unique design. In addition, you can purchase the application services of waxed concrete flooring. In our gallery, you can take a look at the pictures of our ready made projects and our customers' reviews on the quality of materials and service so that you can have an idea of the eventual result. With us you will get a top quality service !

How much does wax concrete cost?

We can answer this question after a careful review of your order. The cost depends on many factors.
The first is the volume of  works. The smaller is the square the higher will be the price per m2. To have an approximate cost you can use our on-line calculator.
The second is the state of the base surface. Before the application of the waxed concrete coating it must be prepared. You need to remove the dust, sand the surface etc., in some cases only one of these steps is enough, sometimes all of them. The evaluation is usually given after a careful inspection performed by our experts.
The third is the color and texture of the floor. The more complex it is the higher will be the price.

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