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Currently the price for our microcemento Minirasex and 25 EUR per square meter. Labour costs: from 30 EUR up, depending on the complexity of the process by the volume, etc.

The market of materials for construction is constantly changing and its main engine is not only the research of the products with unique qualities, but also the research of creative design solutions. Currently Minirasex microcement is one of the most innovative materials available on the market. We have been producing it for many years and we can say that it is a material that meets all the demands of the contemporary market. It not only adheres to any surface and creates a durable coating, but is able to satisfy all your aesthetic expectations. The possibility of creating a matte or glossy effect, smooth or rough surface, the variety of colours and shades; all this creates a world of unlimited solutions for your interior design.

Which style microcement is suitable for?

Often, when we speak about concrete, even if with the prefix micro, a grey and cheap material comes to a mind. Instead,  microcement has revealed to be irreplaceable, especially for interiors of a minimal style like lofts or hi-tech. It allows, without difficulty, to decorate any apartment, changing the perception of space: making it seem more spacious and luminous. The microcement coatings combined with designer furnisher, are able to create spaces with a modern and sophisticated character, thus highlighting the shapes and materials of the elements that constitute it.

At the very beginning the use of our product was limited only to these styles, but our research has never stopped: we have been constantly creating new products that allow you to use the microcement the interiors of all styles. So, with the addition of a colour pigment or desired hue you can male your interiors in both in country or classic styles. In addition, you can also choose the textures: rough, smooth, colour or monochrome.

Thanks to its versatility, this material can be used in any location: in the bathroom, in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, office and industrial areas. Thanks to its qualities of impermeability, durability and easy maintenance, it becomes an excellent alternative to tiles, plaster and wallpaper.

The solidity of microcement, has allowed this innovative material to become a valid substitute of tiles of floors or stairs.

The only drawback of microcement is that it can only be applied by a professional craftsman with a solid experience. The polymers used in its composition, harden so quickly that the application  must be made considering all the features of the structure.

Otherwise the money used for the material will be spent in vain.

Therefore, regardless of the style you choose, contact our professional craftsmen, who will follow you all the way: from projecting, up to the delivery and application of the product, and if necessary, will advise you the designers, who will help you create the ideal interior design for your home!

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