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Microcement coatings.

Currently the price for our Minirasex microcement is EUR 25 per sq.m. Labour costs: from EUR 25 EUR, depending on the complexity of the application and the volumes, etc.

Microcement is a relatively new, but a very promising material. Thanks to its extraordinary qualities and aesthetic versatility it adapts to any style or interior design. It is used as a coating for floors of various destinations and does not require a special treatment of the underlying surface before its application. The microcement meshes are made of different components, including modified polymers, and other mineral materials. The addition of various components in the composition allows microcement to obtain different qualities and provide unlimited possibilities of use in addition to its long-lasting durability.

Minirasex microcement, leader of the Made in Italy market.

Microcement coatings form the main part of our company production. Our APSE brand produces high quality materials, which ensure solidity and durability of coatings for your home. The proven experience of our craftsmen and well-deserved reputation of our innovative materials leave no shred of doubt in the choice of APSE brand coatings for walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Your home will be more comfortable and cosy thanks to APSE coatings, because we really esteem ourcustomers and do our best to fulfil their expectations and to meet their needs.

The advantages of microcement coatings:

  1. Thanks to an extremely high adherence of microcement it is possible to create continuous surfaces. They are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools and other areas with high levels of humidity.
  2. Adherence to any material: concrete, wood, paint, glass and even tiles. As a result you get a solid and durable microcement coating. It is possible to coat bathtubs, sinks, WC and shower stalls.
  3. It fits perfectly in any style or design: loft, country, classic, avant-garde or minimal.
  4. Perfect for industrial facilities: high resistance to severe mechanical stress.
  5. An excellent alternative to painting or replacement of the coating of any detail of the interior.
  6. Pleasant aesthetic look.
  7. Easy to clean without special detergents or equipment.

Microcement floor coatings

If you are considering to change the floor without long and strenuous work, you will not find a better material that microcement or resin. It  has a superior quality in every possible feature and will be the best alternative to any traditional coating. We, APSE company, are leaders of the European construction market in terms of microcement, plaster, epoxy and polyurethane resins and hardener production. We can guarantee you the quality and durability of our microcement coatings.

Why microcement is one of the best floor coatings?

  1. It does not require the complete demolition of the old coating. When the replacement of the old flooring is inevitable, a very important cost factor is the demolition. Being a very laborious procedure it could cause high costs without excluding the need of the further special preparation of the surface in order to apply the new coating. So by using microcement, you can completely skip the demolition, because due to its high adhesion it can be applied to any material, including the tiles.
  2. The ability to create a smooth, continuous surface, makes microcement ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or hallways. Thanks to its water-resistance and hygiene, it does not create dispersions and prevents the development of bacteria.
  3. Durability and solidity. This coating will last for dozens of years without changing neither its look nor its qualitative characteristics. Microcement floor does not crack and its colours do not fade.
  4. The wide range of colours and shades allow you to fit your floor to the style of the room, which is more difficult in case you use tile, linoleum or other materials.
  5. Easy to clean without use of special equipment for cleaning. With the help of hot water, a soft cloth and soap your floor is like new.
  6. Ability to create coatings for different destinations of use: bathrooms, public places with continuous trampling and industrial facilities. Microcement is water-repellent, resistant to mechanical stress, aggressive chemical detergents and  load of heavy machinery .
  7. Easy renovation, which makes it last for many years.

If you decide to create a comfy and safe environment in your house, then the best option is an APSE microcement or resin coating. Contact our representatives, who will provide you ta high quality microcement and a professional application service!

Call our offices in Ukraine or Italy to order the material and its application service.

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