19 06 2017

Pavimento in Cemento Spatolato Prezzi a Partire da 55 EUR per mq

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Pavimento cemento spatolato, pavimento spatolato prezzi. Attualmente il prezzo per il microcemento APSE e di25 EUR per metro quadrato. I costi della manodopera : da 30 EUR in su ,…
04 10 2016

Microcement price, best price only here

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Minirasex microcement. Prices. Currently the price for APSE microcement is EUR 25 per sq. m. Labour costs: from  EUR 25, depending on the complexity of the application and volumes, etc.…
03 10 2016

Floor prices in resin, from 55 Eur all Inclusive

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Resin floors. Prices! Currently the price for resin floors and EUR 55-60 per square meter (of which EUR 30 go for  materials,  and EUR 25 go for application). Labour costs:…

minirazex na mal2019

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