Quality policy V & V srl.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products and services provided, as well as the satisfaction of its customers, V & V srl has decided to analyze the business environment and the needs of stakeholders and to implement its own Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The Management has analyzed the expectations and needs of its customers, summing them up as follows:

  1. Quality of products and constancy over time;
  2. Continuous innovation of products and services;
  3. Competitive prices;
  4. Fast response times to customer requests

The Management fosters the understanding of the management principles and rules of its Quality Management System among all employees, actively involving them in its implementation; it also supports the development of processes, resources and constant improvement, the full satisfaction of the customers and encourages a serene and productive corporate environment.

V & V Srl defines long-term objectives to be achieved through the Quality Management System (QMS) and assesses the risks associated with business processes:

  • Identification of customer needs leading to product innovation,
  • organizational flexibility to cope with changes in delivery times,
  • maximum attention to the definition of contractual requirements when reviewing customer requests
  • improvement responses to customers by taking prompt action further to any complaints,
  • assessment of the quality of supplies and suppliers' performance,
  • verification of safety regulations, employees' health and external environment,
  • improvement of customer satisfaction and use of innovative production-related technical formulations,
  • optimized use and management of available resources in order to attain the best economic and qualitative performance,
  • high-ranking positioning in the market sector, in order to reach customers not through an aggressive market policy, but by enhancing the corporate image,
  • extensive application of methodologies for the complete recovery and recycling of used materials in order to preserve the environment and ensure the employees' safety,
  • elimination of all anomalies, mainly through risk prevention and assessment measures,
  • achievement of a highly professional capacity of the company staff and a high-level corporate image,
  • staff motivation and involvement in company activities,
  • actual organizational knowledge and control of the quality level of the products,
  • verification of compliance with the set requirements and applicable technical regulations,
  • attainment of the certification of its organization in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:20015 standard,
  • reduction of any waste of resources and constant improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and related processes.

The QMS is aligned with the company's strategy and documented by procedures, flowcharts, operating instructions and forms/technical sheets to store information about the activities and processes that enable complying with the necessary requirements for the products.

The achievement of the above objectives enriches our company's professional growth and is related to the personal commitment that everyone working in the company is called to undertake.

The staff working in the company is personally responsible for the constant implementation of the rules laid down by the Management.

The following policy will be reviewed during the annual auditing phase to ensure its validity over time and is also made available to all and applied within the company.

DATE: 2/03/2017 rev.0

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