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Bathroom coatings. Coating the bathroom.

microcement for bathrooms

The bathroom is a perfect place to relax and wash away all the worries, after a tiring day, to give us a positive charge in the morning, or to prepare oneself  for a special event. The relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom has a purifying, regenerating and rejuvenating effect. Therefore, the bathroom should be comfortable, cosy and good-looking. Without a pleasant atmosphere, no ritual will work, because it's hard to relax in a pale and grey room .

Microcement is a perfect coating for modern bathrooms. It is ideal for humid environments, which are constantly exposed to temperature changes or aggressive chemical detergents. The density of microcement nanoparticles and the ability to create a continuous surface without joints guarantee a complete impermeability of the coating.

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microcement for bathrooms

APSE Minirasex microcement for modern bathrooms.

APSE company, a European construction market leader, is constantly engaged in the production resin floors and microcement. Please contact us to order the materials and application service.

Bathroom coating. Acrylic insert, enamel or microcement coating?

The most popular options of bathtub renovation are acrylic inserts and ceramic enamel or acrylic coating. These solutions prevent the replacement of a bathtub and permit its easy restoration.

Each of these methods has advantages: the acrylic insert is resistant to mechanical stress and does not require special maintenance, the enamel is easy and quick to apply and a stakril coating can also be used for a more particular cases. All these solutions, however, have important disadvantages: the installation of the insert requires  demolition of the tiles at the edge of the tub, the enamel wear out very quickly and the application of a stakril coating requires more than a week of labour.

resin floors for bathrooms

A microcement coating can donate your bathroom a completely new look without all the defects of the above mentioned materials! Its advantages will allow you not to replace or renovate your bathtub for many years:

  1. antibacterial and hygienic thanks to the absence of joints and high density of a material itself;
  2. high adhesion to any surface without the need to demolish the existing one;
  3. wide range of colours and shades that will fit in well with any style;
  4. very solid, durable and water-repellent;
  5. pleasant to the touch unlike enamels or acrylic coatings;
  6. easy maintenance and simple cleaning with a soft sponge and soap;
  7. thin multi-layer structure: the thickness varies from 2 to 3 mm and does not load the underlying surface;

Coating a modern bathroom. Tiles, plastic panels or plaster?

Nowadays there are many options for coating the bathroom. The most popular are tiles, plastic panels, or various types of plaster. All of them have advantages: the tiles have high resistance and durability, plastic panels have a cheaper cost and do not require a special preparation of the base, and plasters fit ideally in any decor.

However, the disadvantages of these materials are not lacking: the joints between the tiles gather microorganisms and bacteria, plastic panels have short duration and are not safe for the environment; walls covered with plaster get dirty easily and often have to be repainted.

Microcement can completely replace all the above mentioned materials, as it has all their positive qualities but no disadvantages.  It may be hard to believe, but microcement is durable and solid as the tiles. And you do not need to demolish the existing surface. Select its colour and texture which will be  completely in harmony with the chosen style. At the same time it creates a smooth, continuous surface, which does gather dirt and does not cause leakage. A microcement coating is convenient, thanks to its durability and economic use of the material. In addition, it requires no special maintenance during the use and its renovation is extremely easy.

Microcement is an innovative material, ideal for floor, bathroom and other kinds of coatings!

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