Resin floors. Resin floors for interiors.

Currently the price for resin floors is EUR 30 per square meter. Labour costs: from EUR 25, depending on the complexity of the application and the volumes, etc.

Resin floors are the right solution for those who need a solid floor, practical and resistant. They have become the innovative alternative to many traditional materials: cement, tile, linoleum, wood or laminate. Resin floors successfully replace all these materials and they last much longer without the need for renovation.

Resin floors are one of the pillars of our business. The Italian company V&V Ltd., was founded by Riccardo Vavassori in Ciserano in 1964. Currently, it is the manufacturer of APSE brands, an is a leader in his country for the production of microcement flooring, epoxy and polyurethane resins, most of the self-leveling coatings, both industrial and decorative, and hardeners for floors. The entire range of products and materials fully meet the demands of the construction industry in application of the floors and coating meshes.

A constant research in the own laboratories in the field of construction technology and finishes defines one of its main success factors. This allows it to offer its customers innovative products and anticipate the proposals and market trends. The leading position of the company on the market is  gained due to  the high production standard and, therefore, the high quality of the product itself.

Technical characteristics of the resin floors!

  • A resin floor is a mix of materials combined between them. This combination gives high solidity, durability and absolute uniformity of the coating.
  • The first layer consists of an impregnating epoxy primer that serves as the basis for all subsequent layers.
  • The second layer is a compound, consisting of pigments and a fine grain filler. This layer covers all joints, cracks and leaks and makes the surface perfectly smooth and even.
  • The third layer is made of a resistant finish, used to fix the two preceding, and gives greater strength and an aesthetic touch to the whole surface.

Thanks to its structure , resin floor is solid, non-toxic and has a versatile design. Considering its strength, this material is a perfect solution not only for apartments, but also for the administrative buildings and industrial warehouses etc.

APSE resin floors and their advantages!

  • Hygiene. Thanks to their hygienic properties, resin floors are perfect for hospitals, schools and kindergartens, food factories, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The polymers used in the meshes do not allow the development of microorganisms and bacteria and do not allow the stagnation of dust and dirt.
  • Durability and reliability. If the maintenance regulations are correctly followed, resin floors last over decades, they do not lose their visual appeal and  do not need repair.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. This kind of coating withstands high temperatures or low ones, as well as their abrupt change.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress: impacts, traction etc.
  • Easy to clean and resistant to aggressive chemical cleaning agents, tolerates the contact with acids, alkalis, solvents etc.
  • Completely ecofriendly. Resin floors are completely non-toxic and do not release harmful substances in environment.

APSE resin and microcement floors with all their special abilities and durability fully justify their price. Ordering a resin floor from us means getting the maximum European quality guaranteed!

The advantage of working with us.

We offer you the chance to find a rational and innovative solution: Order  APSE resin floors, created with the use of polymer and epoxy resins, polyurethane and other innovative components.

The Made in Italy quality has been proven for decades on the construction market. We are constantly engaged in research and the creation of new materials.

Our resin floors are completely safe, solid, functional and conform to certification standards.

Our craftsmen are highly qualified and have extensive experience with polymer resin floors. You ca n consult the examples of the completed projects performed in the industrial warehouses, residential and public buildings in our gallery. All our experts are certified and rigorously respect with all rules and procedures. With us you can be sure to get quality coatings guaranteed!

We do our job considering the customer's needs, putting in evidence all the details and times of execution of the labours.

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