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Resin coatings.

resin floor

Currently the price for resin floors is EUR 25 per sq. m. Labour costs: from  EUR 25 EUR, depending on the complexity of the application and the volumes, etc.

In Italy, resin coatings became very widespread. They are a great alternative to laminate surfaces, tiles or linoleum. The production technology allows us to create a perfectly smooth and even floor. In addition, resin coating are durable, highly wear resistant and possess antibacterial properties, I.e., completely exclude the possibility of formation of microorganisms and pathogenic flora on their surface.

The V&V company was founded by Riccardo Vavassori in Ciserano, Italy, in 1964. Currently APSE is a leader in its country in terms of production of microcement coatings, epoxy and polyurethane resins, and most of the self-leveling flooring, both industrial and residential, and other hardeners. Constant laboratory research and the use of advanced technology of chemical and construction industry, are one of the keys to success of the company. And thanks to the very high quality of the materials our company occupies a leading position on the market.

Self-leveling resin coatings.

resin floor

The self-leveling floor is made of several complementary layers. All together they create a durable, solid and good-looking coating. Epoxy Apseprimer is used as a base for all the subsequent layers. The second layer is composed of a mesh of pigments and fine grain filler (sand). It helps create a perfectly smooth surface free of joints and cracks. The third layer is a wear-resistant finish, which fixes together the previous two and donates an additional solidity to the whole coating.
This way, we get a very durable, absolutely ecofriendly and versatile floor, which can be used in residential areas, office buildings and industrial warehouses etc.

APSE resin coatings: High Italian Quality!

The materials, produced by V&V are solid and durable. The high quality is achieved thanks to the great experience of our team of professionals, the quality of Italian products and the reputation as the European market leader. The main objective of APSE is the respect for the customer's needs. Therefore, the choice to buy a resin coating from an Italian manufacturer of great experience is the best way to enjoy a masterpiece under your feet every day!

resin floor

The advantages of a self-leveling floor:

  1. High resistance. It is resistant to mechanical stress, aggressive chemical detergents and the load of industrial machinery.
  2. Long durability. It is wear-resistant and its smooth and continuous surface prevents the penetration of water and dirt.
  3. Easy application and maintenance. If you already have a  little bit 'of experience in construction, you can opt for a DIY application. The maintenance does not require a particular approach, as the coating tolerates very well all detergent products for the domestic use.
  4. Safe for the environment. The components used in the meshes are absolutely harmless. They do not emit toxic substances into the environment during the use.
  5. Fireproof. It has a low coefficient of oxidising and does not contribute to the spread of fire.
  6. Waterproof. It is suitable for environments such as bathrooms, where there is a risk of frequent moisture infiltration.
  7. Water repellent. Perfect for environments with frequent infiltrations of water or other liquids. For example, industrial warehouses or grocery stores.
  8. Easy to repair. The renovation does not require much time and involves minimal cost.
  9. Affordable price. Our company offers competitive prices for its customers. The product is also accessible to people with average income.
  10. It looks very nice. A surface completely free of seams, wide range of shades and designs which will surely meed all of your needs.

Find a creative solution for your home renovation with resin and microcement floors and admire a real masterpiece under your feet made by of our professionals!

How do we work?

Consulting and price estimate. You can order our floors in a very simple way! Call our office and our consultants will be happy to provide you all the needed info and all the details. You can also fill in a contact form and our manager will call  back you to clarify all the details.

Visit our showroom to view all the samples of our products and see how they are made. Also we can create a customized sample, according to your requirements.

Once you have defined all the peculiarities, we will be able to calculate the cost. It depends on size, thickness and type of flooring (decorative, industrial or 3D). We offer discounts depending on size: the larger size is, the lower is the price per sq.m.

Use our online calculator to estimate the price according to your needs.

When all conditions have been agreed, and the final cost of the works has been defined, we can conclude the contract for the execution of  labour. The period of application the also depends on the complexity of the latter: Sometimes only 3 days are enough, but in some cases it can take up to 15.

Some info on selflevelling floors:

The type of  the selflevelling floors depends on the main component in the mesh : polymer (epoxy, polyurethane, etc.), and also methyl acrylate methyl. There is also acrylic cement variant, composed of quartz sand and polymer additives. Find the detailed description of APSE self-leveling floors here below.

Polisial polyurethane resin floors. They contain polyurethane binder, the more wear-resistant and more durable between the polymers. It was developed by our company in APSE laboratories. We add coloured pigments, creating a desirable colour of the floor. The hardener and other additives give the correct physical properties to the floor. Polyurethane floors are usually used in apartments, to coat bathrooms and kitchens, but as well in the establishments of food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Apselive epoxy resin floors. In this case the base is made of epoxy resin, developed and adapted in  APSE brand laboratories. It fully meets all the requirements for civil and commercial use. It can be applied to all surfaces: concrete, wood or metal. Thanks to the versatile filler, they are mostly used in places exposed to major mechanical stress.

Polycement methyl acrilate methyl floors. The base for the latter is made of the homonymous resins, which have the ability to polymerize quickly and resist the temperature changes and UV rays. Therefore, they can be used outdoors, in industrial buildings, etc.

Minirasex microcement decorative and 3D effect floors. They are produced with the use of microcement and acrylic resin. They are a perfect combination of decorative effects and practicality: one of the layers hosts 3D images or other decorative elements, which certainly embellish your home.

Order our floors and they will meet all your needs for sure! Call us and we will help you choose a perfect coating!

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