Resin finishing in the bathroom.

resin finishing in the bathroom

The choice of decor and accessories of bathrooms can be limited only to personal preferences of style or color. Nevertheless, when it comes to floors and walls, it is very important to consult with professionals to make sure that you have selected the material that will successfully accomplish the tasks! Never forget that your floor will have to withstand heavy traffic, because the whole family visits the bathroom several times a day! Do not forget about water, which can significantly limit the potential choice of finishing. We believe that we have found the perfect solution that will satisfy your aesthetic preferences, and become a practical option: resin finishing of a bathroom.

This material is ideal for all rooms, from super modern bathrooms to more traditional ones, resin floors look great, perfectly tolerate the exposure of water and steam. Therefore, let's find out more about this miracle product and see if it can solve all your problems!

7 good reasons: why you should choose resin finishing for a bathroom.

resin ffloor in the bathroom

The resin is a fantastic universal material and will suit any style of furniture and design, that's why it is so universal for the bathroom. Transparent shower, shiny accessories, white plumbing products will look great on the background of the resin, but this material has many other advantages, namely:

  1. Due to the mounting features, it has no seams or joints, which completely eliminates water leaks. While the tiles or other coverings with seams will have weak spots, where moisture penetration becomes a problem, the resin is poured out like a liquid, forming a uniform layer.
  2. If you already have a resin base or other strong base, you can simply pour a new one over the top after preparing a surface. Think about time and money!
  3. After pouring, the resin floor quickly spreads and evens out, requiring little work and effort.
  4. Resin floors are water resistant. You do not have to worry that water can flood your neighbors or your basement!
  5. Smooth and dense, resin floors are fantastically easy to clean. You no longer have to clean the joints and stitches with a toothbrush!
  6. In terms of price per square meter, resin floor is one of the most economical options.
  7. Finally, resin floors are incredibly hardy and durable, which means that you will not have to change it for many years. Fashion trends can come and go, and the resin floor will be an unrivaled investment in any home!

2018 trends for finishing bathrooms.

  • The latest fashion shows have convinced everyone in the idea that the classic tile, as a bathroom finishing, does not lose its popularity. However, it was replaced by innovative and more practical materials. They allow not only to create beautiful creative designs of bathrooms, but also significantly reduce the cost and simplify the entire repair process.
  • Micro-cement allows you to create a unique thin surface, which withstands moisture and even direct water jets. And it can be applied on any surface, even on the inner walls of a bowl of a bathtub or a sink.
  • Self-leveling resin floor also began to be in demand because of their uniqueness. Such a floor will never miss a single drop of water, and will serve for many years without visible damage.
  • Designers and architects all over the world recognized that micro cement and resin floors are qualitatively new substitutes for traditional finishing materials for the bathroom.

Where to apply?

Resin floors of can be applied in any room: in the living room, bedroom and bathroom they make your house really magical. Seamless flooring gives the possibility to cover the floors in the living rooms and the corridor, where there will be no joints, and therefore it will be easier to care for and dirt will not accumulate. They are waterproof, so they are ideal for kitchens and utility cores. In the bedroom and the nursery, it is excellent in coping with its task, because it is environmentally friendly and it will be pleasant to walk with bare feet on this floor. This is an excellent choice for sports halls, as it muffles sounds and easily tolerates a lot of traffic: aerobics, fitness, bodybuilding and other sports.

On what surfaces is it applied?

Discover unique resin coverings for all surfaces! We will help you to create a single interior, as the coverings can be applied to both the floor and the walls. Thus, you get a general look in a single style, a color scheme and an ideal combination of textures. The design of the room will not be violated, and your house will be beautiful and perfect.

Home is your heart, and it deserves to be comfortable. This covering is soft and smooth to the touch, so it is equally good for both walls and floor. The floor can always be equipped with a heating system, and walking on such a floor with bare feet is simply incomparable! First of all, resin floors are your comfort!

What effects can be achieved?

Inspiration by color. Let our resin floor become a bright foundation for your interior, because its possibilities are endless. Self-leveling glossy floor may have any color in various colors by RAL. Moreover, the entire layer is filled with color, which ensures its brightness throughout the life of the product.

  • The effect of the cloud or sky floors is a special kind of self-leveling floors. It is created by applying a mixture of several shades and introducing special oxidizing agents into the composition. They penetrate into the concrete and chemically change it, creating a unique color and permanent color effects.
  • The floor with a putty effect looks as if it was made with a putty knife, in fact, that's just the way it is. On the surface, the movements of the putty knife remain visible, and clear strips of its edges are visible too. But the floor is absolutely flat and smooth.
  • Glossy and matte effects allow you to optimally emphasize the individuality of your interior and make the right accents.

Why is it convenient for you to choose resin bathroom finishing?

We are manufacturers, and therefore you will save considerably on the price. Our production facilities have been operating in Italy since 1964 and successfully occupy leading positions in the construction market.

A team of professional masters who will carry out an installation of your resin floor to the best of their abilities will be at your disposal.

A contract will be drawn up before starting work. It will detail the technical data and parameters of your covering. Therefore, your floor will be exactly like you wanted it to be.

Competent advice from our experts will help to make everything properly. Contact them on the specified phones or with the help of online chat. You can also order a preliminary calculation of all work and material costs.

Warranty for work performed for a period of one year, depending on the operation characteristics and covering parameters. So you can always contact our company to solve any problems concerning resin floors.

Photos, video of modern resin finishing of bathrooms.

Modern resin bathrooms are beautiful, stylish and practical. Resin coverings offer unlimited possibilities that we generously offer our customers. Look at the photos of projects of resin bathrooms that we have successfully completed for our customers and let yourself be inspired to create the house of your dreams!

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