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What kind of flooring is a resin one?

resin floor

Currently the price for resin floors is EUR 25 per sq. m. Labour costs: from EUR 25 EUR, depending on the complexity of the application and the volumes, etc.

Resin floor coating is innovative, solid and practical. Italian APSE floors, through the constant research on innovative solutions and continuous product improvement, meet many of the needs of modern construction industry. Genuine Made in Italy quality, confirmed by certificates of conformity, fully satisfies the most particular requests.

How is a resin floor made?

A resin or microcement floor consists of several self complementary layers. All together they create a durable, robust and a good looking coating. An epoxy resin primer creates the base layer. The second layer is composed of a mesh of pigment and fine grain filler (sand). Thanks to it we get a perfectly smooth and uniform floor with no joints. The third layer is a wear-resistant finish which fixes together the previous two and additional solidity to the whole structure. This type of finish, possesses a wide range of advantages.
This way, we get a very durable ecofriendly and versatile in terms of design floor, which is mostly used in residential areas, office buildings,industrial warehouses and so on.

What are the steps of a self-leveling floor application?

  • Preparation of the surface. It should be dry, clean, smooth and without joints or cracks. The floor is never applied on porous surfaces like wood. So the base must be perfectly flat. In case of  vertical application, the walls must be as smooth as possible otherwise it will be necessary to apply a support.
  • Preparation of the mesh. Our experts carefully select all the components according to your requirements. The floor consists of the first polymer or epoxy layer, the second filler layer and the third finishing layer. If the floor hosts a picture or a 3D image, it will be under the last transparent layer.
  • Pouring. Since the meshes harden pretty quickly we must act in the best times. The drying can last from 24 hours to five days. During that period the access to the venue is prohibited.
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