concrete spatula effect floors

Concrete spatula effect floors. Coloured concrete floors.

Spatula effect on the floor of microcement

The spatula effect or coloured concrete floors are one of the most modern solutions for the decorative coatings. They create a smooth, continuous surface, which at the same time is very practical and can last for decades without losing either appearance or qualities. This kind of floors will not make you think of an immediate renovation! The spatula effect or coloured concrete floors are a type of coating, which in its mesh contains special cement and polymeric binders, which allow you to apply it on all surfaces: concrete, tiles, glass, plastic or ceramics. It is not necessary to dismantle the old surface, the simply preparation is enough.

Spatula effect concrete floors. The benefits of dealing with us.

  • Our company was founded in 1964 and over time has acquired a leading position on the construction market. Our laboratories are constantly engaged in developing new products and improving the quality of  the existing ones. Our experts not only know all the characteristics of this material, but are also able to employ them in an innovative way. Be sure to get a modern, high quality product, which reflects the highest international standards.
  • We have a solid team of professional craftsmen, who have mastered the technique of application of spatula effect or coloured concrete floors. Their proven experience and well deserved reputation of our materials, the highest quality, will guarantee a flawless execution of the application, both of spatula effect or coloured concrete coatings. No need to waste time in searching for materials or labour: we offer a package of an all inclusive service at competitive prices. Contact us and you will have everything you need for your floor!
  • We have a network of dealers, that will be at your disposal in a choice of materials and application of the floor. Each of them offer a wide range of products and a team of professional craftsmen. Our production facilities are located near Milan, in Lombardy region of northern Italy; where, as manufacturers, we offer  to our customers excellent direct collaboration conditions.
  • We provide an estimate, taking into account all your needs: the colour and the shade of the coating, the volume of the materials, application times, and the peculiarities of the future use of the floor. Simply call our contact numbers or fill in the online application form. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • Buying our spatula effect or coloured concrete floor,  you will not have problems on how to fit the colour of your future floor with the overall interior design. We will offer you a full range of colour shades and if necessary we will create a shade perfectly in line with your requirements. We will select for you the colour, texture and the future coating thickness. The style can vary depending on your creativity: from the loft to classic one. Your desire to create an original and unique coating is our command!
  • The application of our floors is very quickly. The execution of the works is carried out strictly on schedule from 5 to 10 days. The floor is ready for use immediately after the delivery. There are no limitations of use in addition to those provided by the technical manual.
  • The the spatula effect and coloured concrete coatings are very thin. Their thickness is not greater than 3 mm, but at the same time they are completely waterproof, impermeable, adhere to any type of existing surface and possess high wear resistance: are equivalent, in terms of hardness to some types of hard wood.
  • Our craftsmen have gained much experience in the realization of vertical and horizontal surfaces of spatula effect and coloured concrete coatings  for shower stalls, bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas. Thanks to the high density of this material, the coating does not contribute to the development of either bacteria or fungi  on their surface or other unpleasant problems that occur in environments with high humidity level.
  • If you need to repair or renew your coating please contact us and obtain, in the shortest possible time,our professional assistance. However, this happens very rarely and only when you do not respect the correct maintenance requirements of your coating.
  • We give a guarantee on labours performed up to two years.

So, with us, you will get best prices for spatula effect and coloured concrete floors, a highly skilled craftsmen and a durable and high quality coating. The floors produced by our company are solid, durable and high quality coatings  from the manufacturer!

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