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Currently the price for our Minirasex microcement is EUR 25 per square meter (one product). Labour costs: from EUR 30, depending on the complexity of the application and the volume, etc.

We've been working with decorative microcement and resin coatings in Italy and Europe for more than 9 years. V&V Ltd. was founded in 1964 by Riccardo Vavassori in Ciserano. Now it is one of the leaders in Europe in terms of production of microcement, polymer plaster, epoxy and polyurethane resins, as well as selfleveling floors. The key to success of our company is a permanent research  in our laboratories in the field of construction technology, which allows us to obtain and offer an innovative product in advance of the rest of the market. The high quality of the solutions and production, respectively, gives the company a leadership position in the market.

In 2007 our company became a partner of Italcementi Group in TX ACTIVE photocatalytic tecnology project with low environmental impact, the effectiveness of which has been thoroughly tested and, thus,certified by important independent research centres (CNR, ARPA, Ispra Research Centre)

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The control of the production of hardened concrete, special mortars and resins, is certified by the quality management system according to standards of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, issued by Moody International.

Minirasex microcement by APSE: Made in Italy quality!

APSE microcement is a reliable, resistant and durable material. The high professionalism of our craftsmen, the well-known Italian quality and well-deserved reputation in the European market leave no doubt in our position of leadership; The main objective of  V&V Ltd. is the sense of respect and commitment to the client's needs. Therefore, the in coatings in the Made in Italy microcement are the best solution for your home!

What kind of material is microcement? Microcement or microbeton is one of the new types of decorative coating, very similar in appearance to concrete and consists of a mineral based and polymeric additives, which give it special qualities. It is based on the conversion of the chemical structure of the concrete. Thus, thanks to the additives,  microcement can be applied on any surface or base in a very thin layer (up to 3 mm). Despite this, it does not crack, does not crumble and has a high degree of flexibility.

Minirasex microcement and Rasex microbeton are undoubtedly the most innovative coatings, that do not require the special preparation of the underlying surface. Their adherence is so high, that you can apply it directly to the properly prepared old floor or ceramics. Furthermore, the load on the underlying surface is minimal, this makes microcement a serious competitor to ceramics, granite or marble.

The advantages of microcement.

microcement bathroom

    1. Versatile material. This innovative coating can be applied to any base, it spreads and adheres perfectly to the following surfaces: concrete, cement, metal, tile, plastic, and even to asphalt! It is used to decorate walls, ceilings and as a base for the complex mosaic floors.
    2. High adhesion to any base. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, microcement is easily applied on any surface. Thanks to the polymers and other components, it does not flake and does not detach from the glass. For the application, the surface should polished and successively cleaned and vacuumed.
    3. The uniqueness of the structure: Microcement is applied in three layers; The first is a primer that is fixed firmly to the base; The second layer is decorative and is constituted by the finishing elements; The third one is the protective layer that prevents the penetration of moisture and improves the abrasion.
    4. The high strength of the material. Microcement easily tolerates mechanical stress and is often used as a finish for any surface. We can choose the microcement for any apartment, office or public space.
    5. A variety of colour and texture solutions. We offer our customers the widest choice of pigments from the Italian manufacturer with more than 40 colours. The surface may be smooth, rough, shiny or matte. Everything depends on the interior design and your creativity.


  1. Example of a thin layer of plaster. Minirasex microcement is applied in layers of not more than three or four millimetres. Its consumption is very cheap and the load on the surface of the coating is minimal.
  2. Rapidity of application. The thin thickness of the coating gives also an advantage of the rapidity in finish. This way  in a single day you can apply up to a hundred square meters of coating.
  3. Waterproof / water repellent. This type of coating has been defined MICRO because the thickness of its particles is 2-3 times thinner than a human hair.

Thus, the steam or moisture can not penetrate this barrier, and  for this reason  microcement coatings are used in humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools etc.

  1. Flameproof. Microcement tolerates well high temperatures, it is fireproof and does not contribute to the spread of fire.
  2. Comfortable and pleasant surface. With the use of microcement, unlike the tiles, the walls feel warm to the touch and retain the heat. This quality of microcement will be an additional advantage for the coatings in the bathrooms.
  3. No seams or joints. This smooth monolithic coating prevents from the formation of dirt or microorganisms on its surface. And if you also do waxing, Apsewax will make your coating water repellent and  extremely hygienic
  4. Easy and simple to clean. The coating tolerates well the aggressiveness of household detergents. In addition, the cleaning of the surface, requires no special chemical solutions: hot water and soap are enough.
  5. Simplicity of repair and renovation.  Thanks to its special components a surface in microcement is easy to repair.
  6. Ecofriendly material. This decorative coating does not release or absorb anything if exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, it is absolutely hygienic and safe for the health.

The use of microcement.

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The decorative microcement coatings are generally used in kitchens or bathrooms. This modern material has gained a strong position in the world of designers and architects. The use of Minirasex is so varied that deserves a due consideration, and without exaggeration, we can safely say that if the microcement is chosen and applied correctly, it will be appropriate for any kind of environment. We can also offer the solutions specifically designed for warehouses and industrial premises. All this is possible thanks to the development, on our part, of special additives that guarantee the reliability and strong resistance to mechanical stress.

For residential buildings and in so much requested modern solutions of minimalist design, microcement is simply irreplaceable and according to the quality indicators is also an excellent alternative to ceramic tiles. Therefore, this modern coating is used for decoration of kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and rooms in which there is a high risk of exposure to water or steam.

The variety of decorative solutions allows you to create stylish and original interiors. It will fit  in any design of a living room, bedroom or nursery. And it is often used for offices, shopping centres and public buildings.

It can also serve as a coating for the exterior. Our company offers highly structured microcement, resistant to natural events, which embellish the facade of any building.

For over 10 years this decorative material has been used in the EU and in other advanced countries of the world. Enjoy the unique properties of this innovative material by using it to coat your house!

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