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Resin floors for apartments.

resin floor at home

APSE selflevelling floor is a good alternative to parquet, linoleum or tiles. It is a very practical and flexible coating, and above all, it goes well with any type of decor and design. It is still necessary to emphasize the fact that this product constitutes a more expensive alternative, due to its application peculiarities. Nevertheless, it remains the best option in case you want to enhance the style of your apartment with a durable and practical floor.

We offer our resin floor application services in Lombardy and throughout Italy.

Reasons to choose us?

  • Great experience and leadership and the construction market.
  • High mandatory qualification and certification of our professionals.
  •  Made in Italy quality products.
  • Fast execution of the works according to the draft protocols.
  • Work performed in a workmanlike manner as stipulated in the contract with extra charges
  • Duration in time of our products.
  • Possibility of subsequent repair of the coating.

Resin floors for bathrooms.

Thanks to its hermetic properties and the absence of joints, our coatings are often used in the bathrooms. These properties make these environments completely waterproof. The non-slip surface ensures safety for the whole family. The resistance to aggressive chemical cleaning solutions, compatibility with underfloor heating system and durability make our floors indispensable in bathrooms. With the possibility to insert decorative effects you will be able to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. White sand, shells or even a dolphin under your feet will take you away from the hustle of daily life.

Resin floors for kitchens.

Solid, durable and practical self-leveling floors are indispensable in the kitchen. Self-leveling floors have many advantages over other coatings. Unlike laminate or linoleum; a self-leveling floor is completely free of seams and joints. This type of modern coating is ideal for kitchen room thanks to its high resistance to mechanical stress and aggressive chemical detergents. It tolerates well all kinds of impacts and liquids. In addition, to complete the design of your kitchen you will not have to waste time looking for the right color of furniture. Self-leveling floors have indeed a wide range of colors and textures that will perfectly blend with any interior design.

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