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Kitchen coatings. Coating a modern kitchen.

The most important characteristics for a kitchen coating are solidity, practicality and nice look. Our APSE company, offers you a win-win: a microcement coating, an innovative material for a modern kitchen, developed in our laboratories throughout continuous research. APSE is a European leader in the world of construction technology in terms of microcement, plaster, epoxy and polyurethane resins, and resin floor production.

Coating a modern kitchen.

Until now the most widely used materials for kitchen coatings were tiles, various types of panels, and a variety of plasters or wallpaper. But all of those have a huge amount of defects which frequently create inconvenience, as for example, a simple chip in a tile can request the complete renovation of the entire surface. This is not only expensive, but also requires a lot of time and effort, including the demolition costs.

Speaking about the tiles, as a universal material for kitchen, we should notice the dirt and germs that gather in its joints. When it comes to panels, remember that they should be of a highest quality to withstand high temperatures. The latter are very expensive and require special maintenance.  Wallpapers or plasters are not waterproof. And if applied near the gas stove often require a complete replacement due to the grease stains after a relatively short period of use .

For these reasons microcement is perfect  for a modern kitchen. Why? It ' s very simple: it is completely free of seams, waterproof and resistant to high temperatures; It lasts for decades without changing its look. Its repair does not require large expenditures and a complete renovation of the entire kitchen.

Nowadays ecological and practical materials are highly requested and trendy. Chic and expensive coatings have now lost their appeal. This is why microcement and resins, which allow you to create a unique design of the kitchen blending the classical tradition and high-tech materials became so wide-spread. You can freely choose a variaty of shades and colours, textures and patterns of your future floor. There is a possibility of creating not only a continuous coating for floors but also walls, worktops, ceilings and even sink. This option permits you to create a unique style in the kitchen and at the same time to obtain a solid and durable coating.

Microcement: an innovative material for a modern kitchen.

It 's impossible to not to mention the characteristics of this material  (production, application, use):

  1. Completely ecofriendly, both during production and use. A microcement coating is a guarantee of safety for your life and health;
  2. Practical Application: adheres to any surface (even tiles), in a thin layer (2-4 mm) that does not load the underlying surface;
  3. Easy maintenance: easily washable with traditional detergents, without any special treatment and without additional costs for repair;
  4. Rapid application, quick drying with the possibility to use the floor already after the labour done, with no need to move from your apartment;
  5. Wide range of shades of any colour to perfectly fit the colours and be in complete harmony with the chosen style;
  6. Hygiene;  microcement does not contribute to the development of bacterias, unlike the tiled surfaces with joints;
  7. Solidity, which makes it ideal coating for worktops, sinks, walls and floors;
  8. Waterproofing; completely waterproof and water resistant, it completely excludes the possibility of leakage;
  9. Fireproof, perfect for the wall of the kitchen in the stove area;
  10. A cost effective material. A double convenience: no demolition of the existing surface, and a long-lasting coating that does not require frequent renovation;

Why microcement is an ideal coating for kitchen?

Nowadays, the construction market is full of different  new materials. But almost all of them are copies of something already existent or do not conquest the market due to their impracticability or  high cost. The modern world does not tolerate plagiarism, and the material requirements are always getting higher and higher. This is why our company is always looking for innovative components to improve the microcement meshes.

Currently microcement is considered a new generation material. Its physical characteristics are obtained due to the chemical reactions in the nanoparticle layer. The composition of these particles acts not only on the surface but also inside. That's why we can safely use it for coating of the most delicate area of our house, the kitchen.

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