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Resin floors. Pros and Cons. Opinions.

resin floors for bathroom

Currently, resin surfaces represent the most popular solution for floors in houses and apartments. Our company provides high quality materials and application service directly from the manufacturer. Our customers, both large companies and individuals, have already made their views on this material and know exactly what features should and should not have the future floor to meet their needs. So, we can, with certainty, list all advantages and disadvantages of this kind of coating.

Where it is better to use resin floors?

We have been producing resin floors for over 50 years. Initially they were used only for industrial purpose. Special technology and rapidity of their application were the main advantage; But our company went over. Subsequently, our laboratories have begun to create new meshes for resin floors to be used in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. All of them have proven their practicality and hygienic properties. The time was passing by and decorative resin coatings have had their spread in kindergartens, places of entertainment, gyms and shopping centres. Resin floors were not only the most solid but also the most good-looking coatings, as they could be used with any kind of decoration, image or texture.

resin floor

Most of  our customer opinions on resin floors were positive. Therefore, our laboratory has begun to produce new meshes that could be used in apartments, houses and villas.

Advantages of resin floors.

First of all, these coatings possess unique properties:

  1. Smooth, continuous surface, which does not gather dirt, and does not contribute to the spread of microorganisms and bacteria;
  2. No leaks and joints. Resin floors are hygienic, easy to treat and can be used in places that require frequent cleaning;
  3. Completely hermetic and waterproof. They are ideal for humid areas such as bathrooms, swimming pools, kitchens and saunas. In addition, their durability is proven also in dry environments,  with no need of frequent renovation;
  4. Variety of use: from industrial plants to bedrooms;
  5. Anti-static properties guarantee no dust deposit on their surface;
  6. Resistance to aggressive chemical solutions;
  7. Fireproof;
  8. High resistance to UV rays ensures their duration in time without changing they look;
  9. Resin does not interfere with the local microclimate: does not change the humidity level, does not emit pollutants and is absolutely safe for health and environment;
  10. This type of coating hardens more rapidly than concrete or cement, drying times are extremely fast: the floor is ready for use in 24h after the application;
  11. Compatible with underfloor heating system, which makes them ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms;
  12. High durability in comparison to other types of coatings;
  13. Unlimited decorative effects: the possibility to customize you floor depending on your interior design using any colour or texture.

 resin floor

Disadvantages of resin floors.

There are also negative factors that may influence the choice of the floor. In general, those are peculiarities of application technology.

  1. Unpleasant chemical odour during the application. Polyurethane components present in meshes release toxins during the pouring of the floor. The discomfort is, however, temporary, because the odour vanishes immediately after drying and does not reoccur.
  2. Difficult demolition. Its dismantling is extremely difficult because of high adhesion to the base, so it is recommended to carefully choose the design, colour and texture of the future floor from the very beginning.
  3. Not adoptable  for DIY application. It is almost impossible to apply it without consulting a qualified craftsman. You should take account of possible defects in case the application technique was not followed properly. Moreover, the application of a resin floor requires the use of special professional tools and machines.
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