To dealers!

One of the main tasks of every dealer is to offer his customers the widest choice of quality materials. We guarantee not only a wide range of products but also their quality and safety for the environment certified according to the European standards. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation to dealers who operate with quality products and want to start a profitable business with a long-term cooperation with their partners and customers.

A mutually beneficial cooperation with APSE

We are a family run Italian company and for us, Italians, the family business is always in first place. We invite you to join our family and conduct with us a mutually beneficial business based on honesty and mutual respect. Our company was founded in 1964 and has been continuously improving its products and has achieved a leadership position on the market. Thanks to the new generations,we constantly monitor all the innovations in the construction world and we implement them our production. We have our own manufacturing facility and research laboratories, which allow you to develop and implement new products of a higher quality. As a result, we are able to offer the most modern construction materials with decorative effects for any destination. You can be sure that our products meet all high quality criteria and are completely for the environment.

The pillars of a succesful collaboration with APSE.

  1. Business conduct  in accordance with the European standards: honesty, transparency and mutual respect;
  2. Professional approach in selecting an advantageous range of products for you;
  3. High quality of all products certified according to European standards;
  4. Wide range of coatings: self-leveling, industrial, polymer resin floors with chromatic effects, epoxy and polyurethane resins, paints, microcement and waterproof coatings;
  5. Comfy catalogues with samples of real products;
  6. Total marketing support;
  7. Training courses on all kinds of products, both for craftsmen and managers;
  8. Schemes and courses on the use and application of the products;
  9. The continuous research and the introduction of new technologies and products.


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