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Resin floors for apartments, houses.

resin floor in the appartment

Resin floors are one of the most convenient and beautiful decorative solutions for apartments, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Why? Because this type of flooring is able to completely replace parquet, linoleum, tiles or laminate. Resin coatings have proved to be the most practical, versatile and suitable for any kind of interiors. We offer our services and materials for the application of resin floors directly from the manufacturer.

Why to choose us?

    1. We offer and deliver only genuine Made in Italy materials for resin and microcement floors. We are a leading manufacturer on the Italian market. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Bergamo, Lombardy region of the northern Italy where you can get in touch with us directly.
    2. We offer favorable conditions for materials for resin floors and application service.
    3. High quality materials directly from manufacturer along with the application service at the most convenient price.

resin modern floor

  1. We have more than fifty years of experience in the production of decorative coatings for apartments. Our products are known as high quality, solid and durable and at the same time completely safe for health and environment. Receive the materials directly from the plant, where all the quality control stages are carried out.
  2. Our craftsmen perform the application professionally and rapidly. They strictly respect the deadlines, and as soon as the work is done, the floor is ready for use.
  3. All technological processes are strictly followed to guarantee a long life of all kinds of our coatings.
  4. You can request a renovation of the coating considering all specific characteristics.

How do we work.

Initially, we provide a consult and calculate the price. Everything is done very quickly and very easily. To order a resin floor just contact our offices and ask our experts all the necessary information. You will receive all the specifications on the material and its application. Our experts will help you select the samples according to your needs and calculate the amount of materials. You can do everything from your computer: just insert your online request. We will do the calculation and we will send you an answer as soon as possible. Or if you wish, there is an opportunity to discuss all your preferences during an inspection and get a customised solution based on our experience in the application of these materials.

resin modern floors

If you visit our office, you can see samples of resin floors, and understand the technology of their production in detail. Our experts will prepare you an individual sample according to your needs and demands.

Once all the details have been determined, our consultants will provide you an estimate. The costs depend on the size, type(decorative, industrial) and thickness of the coating etc. As manufacturers, we offer a flexible system of discounts for all our customers.

When all the details and costs are confirmed we sign the contract for floor application by our skilled craftsmen. We work efficiently and quickly. Everything depends on the complexity of the project: we may need from 3 to 15 days for its completion.

Resin floors for houses and apartments.

Resin floors for apartments are very practical and durable. They will be the crown jewel of any room: living room, bedroom or nursery. In our wide selection you will surely find the right colour and colour shades that will perfectly fit with the style of the room. Also you can create ornaments, texture or insert images for your floor. Resin floors for interiors are a practical and lasting solution for hall and kitchen, as they are resistant to mechanical stress, abrasion and their colours do not fade over time.

Resin floors for bathroom and kitchen.

resin floors for bathrooms

Resin flooring is a coating that creates a smooth and continuous surface, and is often used in areas with high humidity levels. Especially in bathroom or kitchen where a hermetic and waterproof floor is a must. Another advantage of  resin floors is a non-slip quality. It is durable and resistant to mechanical and other kinds of stress. Resin floors are water repellent. They tolerate temperature changes and aggressive chemical detergents. They are compatible with underfloor heating technology, so you will not have to walk on a cold floor in bathroom or kitchen.

With resin floors you will not have to worry anymore if you drop a dish or accidentally pour wine or other liquid on it. Resin floors have excellent resistance to impacts, scratches and stains. You can also personalize the floor in your kitchen, ordering our decorative 3D effect floor. This way, a practical floor will give your room a touch of uniqueness and donate it a welcoming atmosphere. Order our resin floors and make a perfect present for the whole family!

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