Microcement for bathrooms, shower stalls.

Currently the price for our Minirasex microcement is EUR 25 per square meter. Labour costs: from EUR 25, depending on the complexity of the application and volumes, etc.

microcement in the bathroom

While choosing the suitable coating for the bathroom, the most important point is to get the most hygienic materials, which possess properties of  moisture, steam and water resistance. Our microcement is one of these.

Microcement bathrooms.

If you decide to renovate your bathroom, it is no longer necessary to demolish the old tiles or remove the paint, you can directly apply the microcement! It has such a high adhesion to any surface, that all the preparatory work will be reduced to minimum. We offer to your attention the Minirasex microcement for bathrooms, of the leader brand in Europe, which has cornered the market due to the quality and performance of its materials and finishes. Please, don't hesitate to contact our office to order your coating and its application!

Why microcement is a perfect coating for the bathroom?

Microcement in the bathroom

Minirasex microcement is considered to be an excellent coating for the bathrooms thanks to its unique qualities:

    1. Water resistance: has a high impermeability to liquids and vapour.
    2. Adhesion to all surfaces: tiles, concrete, shower stall and even the sink.
    3. The surface should preferably be rough, but in case you wish to apply the microcement, it will adhere well also to a smooth surface.
    4. No seams: the absence of joints excludes the proliferation of bacteria, microorganisms etc., and ensures the maximum hygiene.
    5. High resistance to all kinds of  impacts, mechanical stress, etc .;
    6. Compatibility with underfloor heating: ideal solution for the bathrooms, which allows an easy install of the electric chassis and other components;
    7. Wide range of colours and textures to meet your needs.
    8. Possibility to use moulds: any type of panel or decorative element can be easily applied to the wall or ceiling;
    9. Pleasant to the touch: not cold, unlike the tiles, it can be made both smooth and soft to touch.

The bathroom is made of microcement

  1. Easy to clean: tolerates aggressive solutions and chemical detergents and does not require special treatment;
  2. Absolutely safe for health: do not emit harmful substances when exposed to high temperatures.
  3. Essential for the repair or  replacement of some broken items: cracked tiles or elements of a mosaic, etc.

Use a microcement coating to personalise your bathroom and make it unique!

Minirasex, innovative coating materials for bathrooms!

We are manufacturers of microcement and other coating materials. Our company was founded in 1964 and it is constantly working on creating innovative materials and their improvement. We follow the latest market trends while complying with the standards of quality and safety of the materials.

The microcement is widely used for coating of the bathrooms thanks to its smooth surface without joints, which makes it very simple and easy to clean. Its thickness varies from one to three millimetres, which gives the possibility to cover also old floors without removing the existing ones, and no concern of transport and disposal of the demolished material.

Microcement will donate a new look to your bathroom!
Often we choose traditional materials for the coating bath: tiles, simply paint panels. Microcement gives a chance to get something original and new. It is a valid alternative for bathrooms or showers  for traditional and outdated solutions.

You will have no more problems with the choice of bathroom fitments that blend with each other. You can cover pre-existing ones with a thin layer of microcement, which will donate them some special qualities; moisture,vapour and water resistance. This way you will get a perfect coating in line with the style of your bathroom.

The surface to be coated should preferably be smooth, but if the idea is to get a rough effect you can do it thanks to the adaptability of the material. The widest range of colours and the possibility of creating a special nuance leave no doubt on the versatility of this product.

The advantages of APSE microcement coatings for bathrooms!

We have been operating on the market of resin coating materials for over 50 years and we know well the needs of the customers: the ideal solution for your home with a few thoughts and cares.

Therefore the steps of our work are the following:

  • Free access to information: we provide access to all necessary information on the qualities and properties of our microcement. We see the completed projects, samples of materials and various colour options and textures.
  • A quick calculation of the cost based on your demands, including the approximate amount of the materials and the characteristics of the application. Just call us at our telephone numbers or send a request by email, and our experts will call you back to provide you an estimated price.
  • Absolute respect of deadlines and milestones. We guarantee the delivery rigorously in time and the execution of the works excluding unforeseen expenses.
  • We give warranty on the work performed, the quality of the materials we produce and professionalism of our craftsmen.
  • When all conditions are agreed upon, and the final cost of the works is mutually approved, we can conclude the contract for the execution of the application. This step will ensure fair cooperation on both sides: the supplier and the customer.
  • The prices of the materials and labour costs are extremely competitive: being manufacturers we offer a great convenience!

Offers on the purchase of both the materials and labour.

In addition to APSE microcement you can also ask for our application service. Our craftsmen will make your bathroom or shower more modern! The bathroom fitments coated with microcement will last for many years and will not lose their charm.

A great experience and the variety of completed projects, visible in our gallery, permit us to guarantee our customers the highest quality! We are manufacturers and we respond for the quality of our materials!

The standard prices are visible on our website, even if the cost of each project must be estimated individually, we can safely say that our offer will always be more advantageous than competitive ones, because we provide the material directly at no additional cost, and our professionals have learnt their craft to perfection.

How to care for micro cement in a bathroom and a shower pod.

Comfortable minimalism, open and dynamic space, impressive colors and materials - these are the preferences of the modern person in the interior. And it is the micro cement that gives you the feeling that you are already in the future, that you are an integral part of a tomorrow and a progressive society. It gives rise to new emotions, bold ideas, imagination and dreams of new forms, technologies and materials. Even in a bathroom, a modern design does not leave any space for traditions, it seems to say "open your mind for the future". Now everything is transparent, maximally accessible here and at the same time, it is comfortable and warm. Micro cement in a bathroom breaks usual volumes, opens up new spaces and solutions.

The advantages of using micro cement in a bathroom are obvious.

Generally, as can be seen from the quality of micro cement, there is no special technology to care for it, because it does not need it. If you need to strengthen any of its qualities, it is enough to say about this to specialists who will be engaged in its installation. With the help of special additives, your surfaces will become more durable, dense, will change a color or will not be slippery, but it should be done at the stage of installation.


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