To distributors.

Our company offers a mutually beneficial cooperation to its distributors. It is a family business, and as we know, in Italy the family is considered to be the most important thing. According to statistics, over 82% of all Italian businesses are family run, because you can really trust your beloved ones. We will welcome you as our family member and we will offer you a full confidence, the way it should be be among the relatives. We will guarantee you the full support and assistance in the development and successful conduct of your business.

We, as family,  invest in the new generations. Because only our children are able to understand the contemporary technologies and create something new. The laboratory research of our new generations made our products even more versatile, practical and  of a high quality. We appreciate and perfectionate our work, in order to donate it to our posteriors. We are reliable and devoted partners, who are really hard to find nowadays.

If your goal is to create a profitable business in the construction industry and interior coatings, then we can become reliable partners. Because we have a common goal and it will be easier to achieve it together. We will provide you technical and commercial support and a safe place in our big family.

Working with the very best in the industry is already a half of the success of your business, which will be also enjoyable and lucrative. With our APSE branded products you will have the best conditions to work effectively:

  • a wide range of products of certified European quality;
  • the possibility to work with a whole range of our products;
  • comfy and convenient catalogs and the product samples;
  • free use of the advertising materials, including catalogs and samples;
  • master classes and refresher courses on all kinds of products, both for the craftsmen and for managers;
  •  and practical lessons for the use of products;
  • mutually beneficial terms of cooperation both for distributors and customers;
  • flexible and convenient system of discounts for orders of any size;
  • the ability to start your own business, with no extra charge.

If you are in line with our terms of collaboration, we welcome you in our large and creative family!

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