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Currently the price for our Minirasex microcement is EUR 25 per square meter. Labour costs: from EUR 30, depending on the complexity of the application and the volume, etc.

The microcement is a modern coating for the interiors, in particular, floors. Thanks to smooth and no joint surface created with Minirasex microcement your coating will last a lifetime. It consists of special cement composition, polymers and other binders which give it a high adherence capacity, so it can be applied on any type of surface: cement, plaster, glass, ceramics etc.. In this way, there is no need to demolish the old floor, simply prepare the base and here you go!

Minirasex microcement. Our advantages.

We have been manufacturers of microcement and microcement coatings since 1964. Over the years, a tremendous amount of high quality materials was created in our laboratories. We have not only learned all the details of its structure, we animated it. The microcement micro particles are so tiny to male it repels moisture and steam, perfectly adhere to any surface, even if the applied in layer of only 3 mm!

We have also created a team of craftsmen who have perfectly mastered the application of microcement. Their experience allows us to guarantee our customers a high-quality labour.

We offer materials directly from the manufacturer at great prices. In this way, you have the opportunity to get a turnkey microcement floor including the application. We will provide you everything you need!

Microcement floors. Design caracteristics.

The production technology of microcement permits you to add pigments and other elements to the composition to create an ad hoc surface. In this way it is possible to realize coatings tailored to specific environments. That's why, the floors in microcement go perfectly with both the classic, modern and popular loft style. Also it is worth noticing that the texture of the coating can be different: smooth as glass, opaque or contain printed effects, everything depends on your creativity. In particular, thanks to its special formulation, microcement has no rivals in the creation of unique and innovative coatings.

Microcement for floors. Characteristics of use.

This coating has exceptional properties. As already mentioned, the thickness of microcement coating is not more than 3 mm, and its wear resistance is superior of a hard wood. It's being waterproof, gives the opportunity to apply it to the floor of the showers, bathrooms and swimming pools. Another advantage of this material is its high density which does not allow the development of pathogenic flora etc, which is characteristic for the environments with high humidity levels.

The microelement floors are extremely easy to clean.  They can be washed with any detergent, including soap and warm water. So do not worry about stains of various liquids or substances.

Microcement floors. Competitive prices.

By purchasing our Minirasex microcement coatings for your floors,  you can be sure you get them at the most convenient price. Being a manufacturer permits us to deliver you all the materials directly from our company without extras. In addition, we offer the service of our capable craftsmen  for an accurate application of the coating, respecting the quality standards. This way, you get a microcement floor at the best price, and you only need to choose the color and texture.

Microcement floor. Versatility of use.

The use of microcement has no limits. This kind of coating is suitable for any use. If you want to install the underfloor heating, you can use both hydraulic and electrical systems. Microcement has no rivals in speedy application: the high-speed application and drying allow to walk on it as early as 24 hours after the end of the works! Don't have time to demolish the old floor? You do not need to do it.  The microcement coating covers them perfectly all kinds of surfaces including ceramics, drywall or plaster. The important thing is to make sure the surface doesn't have too much cracks, and that it is flat, and strong enough.

In addition, if you choose to apply the floor be yourself, we will provide you all the necessary information, and video tutorials. If you have had experience with the plaster, then it will not be difficult!

Minirasex  microcement and Rasex microbeton floors are a solid, durable and affordable quality product Made in Italy!

How to care for a decorative floor of microcement?

You need a floor covering that is not inferior in resistibility to concrete? You want to change the floor in the bathroom "without fanfare" and thorough overhaul? You need something new and extraordinary for the floor to withstand even a direct water hit? Then the decorative floor of micro cement is what you need! In spite of its apparent thinness of just a few millimeters (which would not deceive a real expert) micro cement is able to withstand not only water jets from the shower or the faucet, but also the impact of heavy objects, hot substances, etc.

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