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Resin floors for bathroom!

Resin floor in bathroom

How to choose a right resin floor for bathroom? Why resin floors are recommended for kitchen? Read some tips from our experts on the correct preparation of the base and application of resin floors in environments with high humidity levels.

If you need to apply a floor in the bathroom, a resin floor is the best solution. Here are the advantages:

  • Such coatings are hermetic and waterproof, resistant to aggressive solutions;
  • Easily tolerate mechanical stress;
  • Extremely hygienic: limit the propagation of bacteria;
  • Tolerate temperature changes, maintaining their original properties at different temperatures and in case of high humidity;
  • Resin floors create a smooth and continuous surface, which avoids the development of pathogenic flora .

resin floors for bathrooms

Considering all these high performance characteristics of epoxy floors, special attention should be given to their application. We will share with you the main secrets of application of resin floors, to avoid eventual problems.

  • You must strictly follow the instructions: guarantee the ideal temperature parameters for the the floor pouring. If the temperature is too low, there will be difficulties with hardening of the meshes. In opposite situation high tempreture will lead to the reduction of the solidity and durability of the floor. Thus, a constant temperature during the course of the whole application cycle is of fundamental importance .
  • Another important point is the humidity level of the room. After each layer is applied, the surface must be protected from humidity, otherwise, at the end of the hardening, the coating may not be uniform, but with air bubbles on its surface. Therefore, the hermetic property of the floor could be compromised (cause eventual leakage ).
  • To prevent  the creation of condensate on resin floors, we must maintain a good ventilation and a constant temperature.
  • Another important point is to ensure the hermetic property of all the surfaces. It is necessary to cover all the cracks and leaks, seal all the holes and the entire area along the perimeter with the help of special filler. This will ensure water resistance and solidity of the floor in your bathroom.
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