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Calculation of the amount of materials necessary for a microcement floor.

application cycle of  microcement coatings

Here you can learn the performance of the entire application cycle of microcement coatings. Our experts have prepared an estimate of the approximate cost of the necessary materials. Thanks to their considerable experience and a great amount of completed projects, we exactly  know how much material is necessary and what are the right proportions to use.


The main stages of application of a microcement floor and the calculation of the necessary amount of materials.


  1. In order to get a high coefficient of adhesion between the base and the material, it is always necessary to rub down the surface with a polishing machine with a diamond disc. Then the surface should be cleaned from dust.
  2. The primer Umifond 3C, Apseprimer NS 125, or Apsecrete Deco is directly spread on the reinforcement net with prior quarz grit application. After 12-24 hours of drying, rub down with grain 80-120 sandpaper.
  3. The first layer is made with  Minirasex Base microcement, with addition of a chosen colour pigment. The desired amount of dry pigment is added to the wet Minirasex Base component, mixed well and applied to the surface of the floor or wall with a help of spatula.
  4. Leave to dry for 6-24 hours (depends on the temperature), rub down and remove the dust.
  5. The second layer is applied in the same manner. (See Steps 3 and 4)
  6. The third layer it prepared using a finer Minirasex Finish mesh to obtain a smoother look and to create decorative effects with the use of spatula. Then, rub down (120-400  fine grain sand paper) and clean the surface from dust.
  7. Then apply two protective layers by choosing one of the various variants: (Metalcril 35 (one- component), Aquapol (two-component matt or glossy), Vernilux Pol (two-component), Vernilux K1285 (two-component)). Metalcril-component mesh is applied with a felt roller. The first layer must dry for 6-12 hours, after that, the second layer is applied.
  8. In order to obtain a good-looking smooth surface Apsewax wax is spread above the dried protective layer calculating 70-100 g / m2. The second layer is applied after a complete drying of the first (6-8 hours). Apsewax is one-component, and requires neither additional meshes nor additives. It is applied on the surface with a felt cloth.
  9. The whole application requires not more than 4-5 days, all depends on the complexity and volume of work.

Video and photo tutorials of microcement coatings are available in our gallery.

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