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Modern floors.

The modern life is changing rapidly in all of its spheres. There are always new materials, new technologies and even new food. But such characteristics as quality, reliability and durability have be en always appreciated and will remain so over the time. "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things" - said the Baron Rothschild. And he was right! The meaning of this quote is very relevant even now. Our company cultivates the trust of its customers, highly esteems their time and their disposable income and offers innovative products and high quality. Our company offers a combination of brand new materials and technologies, essential in the construction industry.


  1. Modern resin coatings prices (Apsecrete Deco resin for modern floor on the base of water, thickness 1.5-2 mm.) Supply and labour included.
  2. Offer description and the cost per square meter.

    • Resin floor cost - € 55
    • Offer valid for minimum  100 sq.m.
    • The price includes the preparation of the surface, application of two layers of decorative material, the application of 2 layers of  protective material, application of a protective layer of Apsewax wax.
  3. Modern resin floor price (thickness 2-3 mm. Selflevelling resin Apseliv 30). Supply and labour included.
  4. Offer description and the price per square meter.

    • Resin floor cost - 70 EUR
    • Offer valid for a minimum of 100 sq.m.
    • The price includes the preparation of the surface, application of  1 layers of  decorative material, application of 2 layers of protective material, application of a protective layer of wax.

    For more information on prices for resin coatings , look HERE!

  5. Modern microcement coatings prices (Minirasex microcement, thickness 1.5-2 mm.) Supply and labour included.
  6. Offer description and modern floor price per sqm.

    • Microcement floor cost from - € 55
    • Offer valid for minimum  100 sq.m.
    • The price includes the preparation of the surface, application of 2 layers of decorative material, application of 2 layers of protective material, application of a protective layer of wax.

    For more information on prices for microcement coatings, look HERE!

    What should a modern floor look like?

    For each customer the most important characteristic of a floor is the practicality of the material we have under the feet. Even the strength is equally important; In fact, no one wants an accidental bump, for example a cup falling, completely ruin the look of the whole coating. By this we mean durability: not having a need to change or repair the floor for a long time after application. Also it should not give problems with cleaning and  should not require the use of special detergents. Microcement has all these characteristics.

    It is not only able to meet the needs of the customer in terms of quality and durability but will become a true gem for any type of interior design. The possibility to choose any colour or texture will delight even the most demanding customers. With us you not only can choose the perfect coating but you can create it by yourself!

    Innovative Minirasex microcement and Rasex microbeton for modern floors!

    Microcement is one of the most innovative materials, which is offered by our company. It allows you to create a solid and long-lasting floors that have no rivals. Its structure is composed of tiny micro particles, that they can adhere firmly to any surface. Microcement can be applied on any material: glass, tiles, plasterboard, cement; if they are fairly flat and free of large cracks. In this way it is not necessary to demolish the pre-existing surface but just simply cover it with a layer of microcement of only 3 mm.

    Our company has been operating in the construction industry since 1964. In recent years the experts of our laboratories have created a huge amount of high quality materials. We are constantly working on the creation and improvement of innovative materials. We follow the latest market trends while complying with the standards of quality and safety of the materials we produce.

    Modern floor: the creation of the craftsmen.

    Our craftsmen are intimately familiar with all details of the application of microcement. Proven professional experience and a huge amount of completed projects guarantee our customers the high quality and reliability of a modern coating at the best prices on the market. With us you will not need to select the material and craftsmen separately, you will have everything at once!

    We are manufacturers and, thus, offer competitive prices for materials and our craftsmen are working methodically and rigorously respecting the deadlines. The floor will be ready for use after just 24 hours after the end of the work! The only thing you are left to do is to admire the perfect resin coating in your apartment!

    The unique design of the modern floors.

    Nowadays the originality of the coatings of residential and other buildings has been highly appreciated.

    The house or apartment is considered a reflection of the character and lifestyle of its owners and the latter should be comfortable and practical. Therefore, nowadays, more and more materials are available for creative solutions of a unique interior, which at the same time result more ergonomic.

    Our Minirasex microcement is perfect for this purpose: you will be surprised by its ability to transform into coatings of the most unusual texture and create intimacy in every room. You are to choose the colour and chromatic effects that can be created. There are no limits neither to various colour shades available nor for the types of textures. Everything you've always desired for the interior of your home, it has become now possible!

    Each shade or nuance: resin floor with marble, granite, wood or concrete effect: all this is be possible with microcement. You will be able to recreate any style: from  loft to  classic, from contemporary to provence.

    Our experts will advise you on the type of microcement suitable for your home, and will provide more detailed information on each product. Our craftsmen will help you to choose the texture and to estimate the amount of the material and the duration of the application of your future microcement floor. Contact us at the phone numbers listed on our website.

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