microcement modern flooring

Modern floors. Microcement floor made in Lazise!

Floor made in Lazise city, near Lake Garda, in Veneto province. The floor area of about 180 m.q.

First we proceed with the preparation of the floor (cleaning and vacuuming) and then switch to filling some edges or chips of the existing surface with a resin grout.

Once this step is done we proceed with the application of a primer near the edges for easier application of the whole layer; Once the primer has dried, you can already apply the first layer of Minirasex microcement.

As we can see from the video we used two different primers; Minirasex Base for the bathroom, Apsecrete Deco resin for all the rest. The primer is used for a better adhesion with the existing floor.

The next day we proceed with rubbing down and vacuuming of the first layer . After that, the second layer of Minirasex is applied.

When the second layer has dried we repeat the same process as before, including rubbing down and vacuuming.

After that, we apply a Metalcryl 20 protective coating, which donates the floor resistance to abrasion and loads and guarantees its longer durability.

In the end we pass to Apsewax wax application in order to ensure even more protection and brilliance to the floor.

Since the labour was carried out in winter, the complete cycle of application took 7 working days.

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