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Largest Lego City toy store.

Good news to share with you.

On Nov. 11, 2016 at 10.00 local time, in San Babila sq. Milan, Italy the largest (until now) Lego City toy store was inaugurated.

We are pleased to announce that a sales area decorative floor of about 300 square meters, was created with our materials. The floor is performed with  'Terrazzo'  colour effect, some of stairs, landings and stair steps are also made with "Terrazzo" colour effect and others are created with decorative Apseliv 30 resin.

Business address - Italy, Piazza San Babila, Milan, MI

The customer of works - The INNOMINATO, SpA (Lego City)

In collaboration with the company "Gripav Srl" Albino Bergamo.

Materials for resin floors - Apse!

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