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Micro cement flooring imitating concrete with a rust effect. Rusted floor.

cemento rugine

Micro cement is becoming increasingly popular in modern interior. Floor covering made of this material is applied on various substrates from ceramic tiles to plastic and glass. Its thickness of several millimeters has the highest adhesion, which allows you to decorate any materials and surfaces. High density of the material, lack of porosity and seams, makes it possible to mount floors in places with high humidity, without fear of growth of microorganisms and fungi. Full waterproofing, resistance to mechanical damage, high reliability and ease of maintenance - it is all about micro cement flooring. But the technology and consumer demands are not static, therefore, ultramodern alternatives to customary decorating imitating concrete or cement are increasingly appearing. Thus, now in the assortment of our company there are several new options for such finishing: with the effect of rust, untreated, wet, old concrete. It is about its features and manufacturing technology that will be discussed in this material.

Decorative features.

Today, it has become possible realistically to recreate the floor covering immigrating concrete with an imitation of streaks, whitish spots, local or solid rust spots, a picture imitating oxidized metal, as well as a patina and an aged surface. Thus, visual component present on natural concrete surfaces is obtained.

Such decorative effects on the floor are a real discovery for those who do not want to follow the traditions and rules. Bold ideas embodied in styles of loft, high-tech, minimalism, antique, gothic, vintage and even Shabby-chic, make the interior original and inimitable.

The "aged" floor with special chromatic shades, pleasant looking imitation of roughness, gives a special chic of bloom of time to the interior in the style of vintage or Shabby-chic.

The effect of rust on the floor will indicate the creative personality of the young man; will make the interior of the room rebellious and bold. And if such a floor with stains of rust is made in a kitchen or a living room, then in contrast with the percentage of improvisation one can get an impressive interior with unlimited possibilities of self-expression.

Realization of the most original ideas with a floor covering with the effect of rough concrete can be made for public premises, in bars or cafes, where simplicity and courage are a priority. A competent creative approach will help to create bright stylish interiors.

Gray floor with whitish spots and water stains, and possibly with impregnations of oxidized copper, will be an ideal addition to the hi-tech style. Its constructivism, love for the right geometric shapes does not exclude the imitation of metal and oxidized metals. This will dilute the abundance of mirror, stainless and chrome elements. This will give a certain zest and piquancy to the boring monochromaticism of high-tech.

Whatever was the idea for the design of modern stylish interior, using a floor of micro cement with various imitations will help to make it most effectively, brightly and unforgettably!

The technology of creating a floor of micro cement with a rust effect.

In order to obtain a unique color and imitation of the selected effect, you must carefully observe the algorithm for its installation. To do this new stages are added, without deviating from the already existing technology.

  1. With the help of the first layer of micro-cement, the so-called primer, reliable adhesion to the base is ensured. The durability of the entire coating depends on the strength and correct application of this layer, so it is important to observe all the application details.
  2. The second layer reinforces the first one and provides aesthetics of the coating. Using a putty spattle, the texture of the floor is formed. At this stage a special additive with a large amount of metal in its composition is used. Under the influence of oxygen and additional oxidants, it turns the floor surface into rusty. In this way the naturalness of the oxidation process itself is not simply a color effect. It's really a rust, formed by a natural process. In addition, depending on the amount of the additive, the saturation of the effect may be regulated. You can get a light oxidation and a full rusty metal.
  3. The third layer, as fixing and protective one, covers the entire floor, fixes its waterproofing properties, resistance to abrasion, aesthetic indicators.

Also, one should not forget about the practical part of this covering and the benefits resulting from this choice. And this means the use in any premises with the most extreme conditions: high humidity, high physical load, temperature drops, etc. In addition, the ability to apply it to any hard surface allows you not to do major repairs with the dismantling of old bases. Which significantly reduces the price of all the work.

Making a floor covering in the style of imitating a concrete surface with various effects, we are guaranteed to receive not gray boring tones, but expressive fragments of the overall interior. In addition, such modern trends in decorating interiors are increasingly used by designers. A variety of interesting textures contribute to the expansion of opportunities and the implementation of unique ideas.

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