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Micro-concrete on the floor, floors of micro-concrete.

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Floor coverings of micro-concrete «Rasex» - is a multilayer and multicomponent system for decorative flooring. Our company has developed and improved a new generation of coatings, commonly known as micro-concrete. This coating significantly exceeds the strength of other materials, such as cement, wood, parquet or laminate. We in our works strive to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Therefore, we create materials that will serve for many years without visible changes in form and aesthetic component.

Micro-concrete on the floor began to be used relatively recently and during this time it managed to prove itself as one of the most durable and reliable coatings. APSE micro-concrete is manufactured at its own enterprise in Italy and is today one of the leaders in the market of finishing materials. Our specialists constantly improve its structure, offering new solutions for different conditions.

The advantages of buying a floor made of micro-concrete from us.

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Micro-concrete floors are one of the leading lines of our company's activities. Our products are of exceptionally high quality, because they pass control at all stages of production. They are guaranteed to serve for a long time, reliably and practically. Experienced specialists of our company will not only recommend you the best options for work, but also help with the calculation of the required volume and will offer qualified masters for installation.
Own production allows us to offer the best prices for our customers. And also a complex of works on designing and installation of a floor from micro concrete. If you choose cooperation with us, then you save twice: on the price of materials and high-quality decorative work of professional masters.

Advantages of working with us.

Our work in the Italian market has been going on for more than 50 years and the exceptionally positive feedback from our customers shows that we bring joy to the lives of our consumers.
The favorable price for works in the complex and separately for each parameter gives us unlimited possibilities in the financial component. Advantageous discounts and discount programs for wholesale and private buyers are guaranteed.
Contacting us by office phone or using the feedback form, be sure that in the shortest time you will be responded, you will get a commercial offer with all the necessary calculations and we will inform you about the prices.
Create your own safe, beautiful and cozy house - order micro-concrete floors in our company!

Micro-concrete in modern decoration.

Micro-concrete from «APSE» company is an artificial material that is obtained as a result of solidification of mixtures that consist of binders (cement, etc.), large and small aggregates, polymers and decorative components. As a result of its use, it gives a perfectly flat surface, which is distinguished by its smoothness and pleasant color transitions. At the same time, it falls on any surface and has practically no restrictions for use.

How micro-concrete is used in modern decoration?

  1. Due to its special structure, micro-concrete can be used to finish the floor and walls in rooms such as kitchen, bathroom or pool. This is an excellent replacement for tiles or other coatings. In this case, the finish in the "dry" zone of the room can be smoothly transferred to "wet", thus, combining the space. This technique is often used in modern design.
  2. High adhesion of micro-concrete allows to decorate any elements of the interior, including shower cabins, bathrooms, a pool deck, kitchen surfaces.
  3. If it is necessary to reconstruct the bathroom, the micro-concrete gives unlimited possibilities for author's projects. Creation of unique and original functionality: a bathroom of a non-standard form or an exclusive shower cabin will be the highlight of the entire premises. In this case, you can use the same material, both for walls and for flooring.
  4. The floors of micro-concrete will be irreplaceable especially in those rooms where you need an individual pattern in each separate zone. In this case, without changing the material, you can vary its color, shades or structure. In this way, the dining area smoothly turns into the kitchen and living room, and the bathroom will easily unite with the sauna.
  5. The possibility of creating warm floors of any type: electric, steam or other technologies.
  6. Durability of micro-concrete allows it to be used for finishing stairs, which is an excellent alternative to other coatings. The staircase of micro-concrete will look stylish and neat, without joints and seams.
  7. The ability to make any kitchen original and unique greatly expands. Micro-concrete becomes the number «one» material here! Floor, walls, splash back, even facades and table top - all this can be finished with micro-concrete. Its decorative and functional abilities are not limited!
  8. Also, micro-concrete is very widely used for decoration of individual furniture elements: in this way you can transfer your old furniture to the category of exclusive one.
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