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Stairs made of Resin and Microcement.

stairs microcemento

Want to render your house fashionable and practical? Tired of the usual materials and plaster? Then we would like to offer you the new and modern materials: microcement and resin! This is a unique solution in the market of finishing materials. The Company V&V S.R.L has created high-quality materials for the decorative finishing of your house thanks to its own research and development. Trendy interior design styles, such as: high-tech, minimalism, loft and others, created a new vision of modern man's home. So we, carefully following the demands of today's consumer, are developing new solutions for creating a practical, comfortable and beautiful home for you.

Resin Stairs

stairs from resins

If you have staircase in your house, then it must necessarily be an art object! Make it original and unique, but at the same time practical, reliable and durable. Think it's impossible? We may offer you the stairs made of resin. This type of coating for stairs is already successfully used in new apartment buildings, kindergartens and schools, in hospitals and clinics. Resin staircases in the entrances of apartment buildings and public institutions are able to withstand any high loads. Every day people run and walk, go up and down, stamp and jump on these stairs, consuming their surface.

Even the staircases made of high-quality stone, with the passing of time, shall require restoring and re-establishing its status quo. It is also possible restore the worn-out stairwells in old buildings of historical value, where it's impossible to dismantle the old elements. And the most difficult elements to restore are the steps and handrails. This process is quite laborious and complex, and requires the participation of experienced technicians With this method you can repair the stairs not only inside the premises, but also outside.

Our company can provide you with the quality materials for resin stairs, and also qualified professionals, very experienced in polymer flooring. You may be sure to get a high quality finishing, and a guarantee of reliability, so you save money twice. First, buying materials from us, as a manufacturer, and second, using the services of our professionals at the best price.

In any case, restoring the old stairs or re-decorating the new stairs using resin, you will get many advantages:

  1. Seamless coating, very hygienic and clean.
  2. Long service life - reliability for several decades.
  3. The best price of resin - you buy directly from the manufacturer.
  4. Resistance to thermal shocks - easily tolerate temperature drops.
  5. Shock-resistant stairs perfectly withstand vibrations and big traffic.
  6. Resistant to chemical aggression is perfectly proved in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  7. Safety - environmentally friendly material, does not emit any harmful substances into the environment.
  8. Easy care - simple to clean and restore if necessary.

Microcement Stairs.

If you choose microcement as covering material for your stairs, you should keep in mind that it is hardly possible to find thinner and more durable material for this purpose. Why? Because microcement is not only the ideal material for living premises, but also retains its properties in heavy traffic areas due to its strength and resistance to wear, shocks, scratches, etc. Microcement allows you to create seamless free spaces that are easy to clean and maintain. This is a meticulous work, requiring precision and accuracy, which is best done only by professionals. In our company you can order the professional services at the best prices.

It is difficult to overestimate the versatility of microcement as coating for stairs. It withstands moisture, physical impact, chemical and temperature effects, and also very convenient in design solutions. This is due to the fact that you will be able to realize any projects, practically of any styles and shades: loft, minimalism, hi-tech and even classics. It all depends on the colors and textures you prefer. You can create exactly what you want with no limits!

Advantages of microcement for the stairs stand for themselves:

  1. High adhesion: easy to apply and perfectly adheres to any surface.
  2. The unique triple-layer coating provides reliability, high aesthetic value and protection from various aggressions.
  3. A variety of color and textural solutions.
  4. Very thin coating layer on the stairs - up to 1.5 cm.
  5. Fast execution of works.
  6. Water- and fire-proof hygienic surface.
  7. Simple and easy maintenance.
  8. Absolutely safe for human health, environmentally friendly material.

Whatever style you choose for finishing of your home, please contact our specialists. They will help you to accurately calculate the budget and perform excellent job, but also, if necessary, involve designers, creating the original interior for your home!

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