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Indoors resin flooring.

Indoors resin flooring

Are you looking for a floor that combines a stylish appearance with proven durability? The resin floor offers an elastic and seamless solution for interior, office and retail space. While traditional flooring materials may not satisfy all requests for convenience and heat, we use a resin covering for a comfortable and durable floor.

Our interior resin floors are suitable for most conditions and are available in a wide range of colors, textures and finishing. You always recognize it for high quality, finishing, and most importantly - special attention to details throughout the installation process.

Working in close contact with interior designers and architects, we have perfected our products for many years. They not only look amazing, but, more importantly, provide quick installation, long-lasting operation and easy maintenance. Our projects have become popular both in private construction for residential premises, and at the commercial level for office and public institutions. Therefore, we clearly follow the successful combination of affordable prices, beautiful finishing and ease of installation.

10 good reasons: why you should choose interior resin flooring.

Indoors resin flooring showroom

Indoors resin flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice as a solution for modern interior design projects. Why? We offer the most important reasons:

  1. Seamless is the first word that comes to mind when discussing the benefits of resin floors, often this is the main factor for choosing.
  2. Fashionable solutions for your interior. Any possible styles from classics to high-tech, this finishing can cope with everything.
  3. Practicality. They are easy to care for, easy in operation and restoration. What’s not to like?
  4. Perfectly combined with modern underfloor heating systems, whether water or electric.
  5. Since our floors are poured directly on the installation site, it provides excellent detailing, in those places where the floor surfaces meet with walls, stairs or kitchen furniture.
  6. All our resin floors are available in different colors according to your specific requirements.
  7. With proper preparation and thanks the flexibility of the product, it is also possible to install a covering over an existing wooden bases or several substrates.
  8. We also guarantee that your resin floor will stand the test of time along with the test of its color.
  9. High operational capacity. Such a floor can withstand many years without losing its decorative and functional qualities.
  10. Environmentally safe. It does not release any harmful substances into the air, absolutely resistant material.

2018 trends for indoors floor finishing.

  • The latest interior design shows have shown that the classics keep its ranks, but it is considerably inferior to modern materials. For example, traditional tiles or linoleums are increasingly unable to meet all the requirements of today's consumer. Materials that make it possible to create not only beautiful coverings, but also able to satisfy many different requests are in demand. Therefore, indoor resin floors are valued for their unique ability to be, as the client needs it to be, that is, of any color, of any texture, and more often of a universal appearance. And also for the high practicality and the ability to be installed quickly and without problems.
  • The tendency of plain and understandable micro cement floor is a hottest new trend for several years in a row. At first glance, it looks like ordinary cement or concrete, but if you look closely, you realize that it is impossible to find a more unique product. It can be a few millimeters thick, but at the same time, it is fixed so firmly to withstand even direct water ingress. This makes it indispensable in shower cabins and kitchens.

How are the indoor resin floors made?

They consist of several layers of materials, complementing each other. Their combination gives durability, high reliability and perfect evenness.

  1. Epoxy component, which thoroughly impregnates and serves as the basis for all subsequent layers.
  2. Composite, which consists of pigments and fine filler grains. It will eliminate all the seams, cracks and make the entire covering flat and smooth.
  3. Wearproof varnish, which will fix all the previous layers and give additional stability and aesthetic appeal to the covering.

It is this multi-layered design that gives practicality, environmental safety and absolute flexibility in the design solutions.

Why is it convenient for you to choose an indoor resin floor finishing?

  • The ideal covering for a dwelling house. The natural elasticity of the resin floor is ideal for any living space, which makes it durable and comfortable, especially for families with children and available in different colors, suitable for your interior. We always take into account what is important for your family: safety, wear resistance and bruise resistance. Feel free to add luxury and comfort, combining a resin flooring with underfloor heating.
  • Practical covering for offices and administrative buildings. Resin floors are the ideal multi-purpose solution for high demands on durability. Our extensive range provides many flooring possibilities for office, commercial and industrial enterprises. The tasks associated with resin floors’ installing take more than one day, however, we gladly offer our experience to ensure the least interference in the daily processes of your business. We offer the addition of your company's logo or other picture in the design, as well as a huge selection of colors and types of finishing in order to match the style in the best way.
  • Our team of experienced professionals has many years of experience in installing resin floors and will gladly assist and consult you in choosing the right covering for your interior. During the consultation, we take into account all aspects: your personal wishes, technical and practical factors, such as the basis and technology.

Why do we recommend contacting us for the installation of indoor resin floors?

  • Our floor is better and safer. Research is very important for us, therefore our laboratories work constantly. We not only look at what is possible now, but we also carry out research on what will be in demand in the next few years. Therefore, our resin floor meets all modern standards of safety and comfort.
  • Our experience is priceless. Resin floors are the main activity of our production facilities. Our enterprises are located 40 km from Milan and were founded in 1964. That is why our company is considered to be one of the leaders in the Italian construction technology market.
  • Profitable price. One of the main advantages is that we offer the most favorable prices and terms of cooperation. We have our own sales department, which works with any buyers.
  • Professional masters for installing your floor. We offer our own teams to perform all necessary work and to apply any materials. Saving on the purchase of all materials and the service for its installation due to our flexible system of discounts is a reality!
  • Photos, video of modern resin floor finishing – check out our works in the gallery on the website. You can find many objects created by the hands of our masters, for private suites, apartments and villas.
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