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Floors for shops, parlors, boutiques, showrooms.

microcement floor for store

Shops, supermarkets, parlors and showrooms are always crowded. Every day thousands of customers choose their purchases and gifts here, and children run between the windows in search of adventures. A large consumer traffic - any entrepreneur is always happy about it. And to make this traffic even larger, it is necessary to take care of the comfort, convenience and safety of customers. It is known that in places of intense flow of people, floor coverings are subjected to a huge mechanical load. Therefore, special attention is paid to the floor, which must comply with all requirements imposed to modern commercial floor coverings.

Which floors are the best for shopping malls?

The floors of micro cement and rubber floors became the real peak of fashion in 2017-2018 in commercial establishments. Of course, the floor finishing is important in the design of commercial enterprise. The design of a shop is absolutely important, but its main purpose is functionality.

resin floor for shop

Microcement floors in any shop and showroom will be irreplaceable thanks to their unique thin and multilayer structure, high adhesion and a special modern beauty. They look appropriate in the interior design of any style, and are able to turn a simple small room into a refined and elegant boutique.

Self-leveling floors in a supermarket, parlor or shopping malls will always retain a perfect appearance, they will tolerate any mechanical influences, they are easy to care for and easily repaired. In addition, resin floors are versatile in their design - they become what you want them to be. Drawings, patterns, impressive effects and whole pictures on the floor - all this is about polymer coverings.

Requirements to the floor in shops, parlors, boutiques.

Palletized floors, cloudy floors are increasingly replacing traditional coverings in places of large concentrations of people. Because they meet the numerous requirements for this kind of covering.

Wear resistance. This is the main requirement, which is put to the floor of such objects. The huge loads that they are subjected to because of the intense consumer traffic, the movement of trucks, a lot of legs and heels, with insufficient strength of the coating will quickly put it out of commission. If the floor is weak to wear, it can not only lose its attractive appearance, but also simply collapse. Both factors are important for shops. The utilitarian designation of decoration in freight outlets is very important, but the aesthetic function plays an important role. The decoration of the display area with self-leveling floors helps to create the right atmosphere and a favorable impression for comfortable shopping.

spatulated floor for showroom

Sound absorption. An increased noise background is always present in places of large concentration of people. Therefore, when mounting a floor covering, it is advisable to use the one that will have a noise-absorbing effect. A quiet and calm shop without extraneous annoying sounds is always popular with customers. Resin floors cope with this demand at the highest level.

Waterproofing. It is very important to protect not only the top cover, but also the bottom of the floor. In boutiques and showrooms, cleaning is often done using detergents. When the weather is rainy outside, a lot of moisture also gets inside the room from the shoes. Micro cement floors or self-leveling floors will help to ensure the integrity of the base layer, avoiding negative consequences from the constant effects of water and moisture.

Anti-slip effect. In places of large concentrations of people, you should monitor the safety and convenience of a buyer. It is unacceptable to risk the health of employees and visitors of the outlet. To avoid troubles of a moral and material nature, shop owners ensure the arrangement of floors from resin or micro cement. These coverings have unique anti-slip properties, not allowing the situation to prevail over your business.

Easee of care. When there are a lot of people in display area, frequent cleaning is inevitable. Self-leveling floors are easily cleaned from any contaminations, have anti-dust properties, and do not require the use of expensive detergents.

As you can see, all of the above points are very important in the arrangement of a commercial enterprise. And having ordered micro cement floors or resin floors in our company, you can create in your shop or boutique a special atmosphere, original design and provide your customers with comfortable and safe shopping.

Unique decorative effects for the floor in a shop.

The design of floors occupies a special place in modern boutiques and showrooms. They ceased to be faceless. Each owner strives to stand out from a number of his competitors and to create a harmonious atmosphere with an exquisite design that attracts visitors. Customers are also not indifferent to the latest fashion trends and always choose shops with a special charm and originality. And if for large shopping malls practicality and strength are in the first place, then for small shops cozy atmosphere is an advantage.

Cloud floors made of resin and micro cement are especially in demand precisely due to the ability to acquire an inimitable and unique design. Self-leveling floors with photos and images, graphic or artistic drawings and 3D floors are also popular. 3D flooring in boutiques completely change the interior, make it stylish and elegant. As a decoration for a flower shop you can choose a flowering garden or alpine meadow, where each flower next to the buyer may appear to be real. According to statistics, beautiful 3D floors increase the attendance of shops by 50-60%. Therefore, you have a unique chance to make your business even more successful!

Micro cement floor in your shop. What is the benefit?

  • Economy is the main reason for the popularity of this flooring material.
  • At very high strength, its thickness does not exceed a few millimeters, which makes it possible to save on consumption.
  • Direct water ingress and constant exposure to moisture do not harm it, it easily tolerates all these thanks to its high density. At the same time, bacteria and fungi do not reproduce.
  • Easily repaired and restored.
  • It is not necessary to dismantle all the equipment of the shop completely for the arrangement and repair.
  • A beneficial combination of "price-quality", which will be a significant help for your business.

5 weighty "pros" to order the self-leveling floor from us (pavimento in cemento spatolato).

  1. Great experience: Our company has been actively working since in 1964. All this time we produce micro cement, polymer plasters, epoxy and polyurethane resins, as well as high quality flooring.
  2. High qualification and mandatory certification of our specialists. We constantly conduct educational programs and increase the professionalism of our employees.
  3. Unique Italian products of the brand "APSE" from one of the leaders of the European market. Large assortment of self-leveling floors and floors of micro cement of the highest quality, the ability to combine, taking into account the planned loads and operating conditions in the premises of different purposes.
  4. Fast and high-quality work only according to technological protocols. Work strictly under the contract and without additional financial injections.
  5. Long-lasting result with a guarantee of quality from the specialists of our company. You can always apply for restoration, repair or renovation of your floor from resin or micro cement.

Applying to our company, you can be sure that you will be able to implement any business projects and ideas. Floors for shops, boutiques, showrooms from the company "APSE" are reliable, profitable and high-quality floors from the manufacturer!

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