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Modern finishing for pools, resin pools.

piscina in resina

When there is a heat outside and the sun rejoices with its warmth, there is nothing better than to spend time with the family and friends near the pool. You can enjoy the water all the summer thanks to the innovative finishing material for swimming pools from the "V&V" company, that is resin. This is the perfect combination of high technology and impeccable endurance, which allows you to create a reliable and long-term projects in your home. Turn your yard into an endless vacation!

We in the "V&V" company are engaged in the production of rubber compounds since 1964 and we declare with full responsibility that this is a material that meets all the consumer requirements. It can be mounted not only on any surface and make strong and reliable coatings, but also it can create the unique design solutions for all tastes. Matte or glossy, smooth and straight, any colors or shades - all this will give the unlimited possibilities for the embodiment of your ideas.

A modern swimming pool is a pool of resin.

Today's trends in the decoration of pools are pursued not only by the beautiful colors. Today everyone wants to create reliable things so that they are friendly to the environment and the human as well. And if the material also successfully combines the unlimited aesthetic possibilities, then it will be especially valuable. Therefore, the resin has become one of the most fashionable finishing for swimming pools. It meets all the consumers' requirements: strength, environmental friendliness, safety, practicality and durability.

Why the resin pools are chosen?

The resin, which is completely impermeable for the moisture, is excellent for finishing pools of resin, both external and internal one. The exceptional capabilities of such a product ensure that your pool will be boldly opposed:

  • weathering;
  • sunlight;
  • low temperatures;
  • high temperatures;
  • water;
  • active chemical agents.

Also it will retain its appearance and function unchanged for a long time.

Advantages of resin pools by "V&V".

The most important criteria that accompany the choice of our pool of resin are physical and aesthetic possibilities. After ordering the finishing in our company, you will get:

  1. Durability. This is the main plus, because of which it is worth paying attention to. It is sturdy, tough and will last several decades, depending on the type, environment and proper care.
  2. Practicality. The resin pool will be a bargain: care and maintenance will not take a lot of money. A regular cleaning for such a dense coating is enough to preserve its color, hygiene and cleanliness. All the necessary components are already contained in the material at the production level.
  3. Absolute watertightness. The resin coating in the pool does not absorb the water, which means it easily tolerates negative temperatures, water does not leak and does not spoil the interior, if it is inside the room.
  4. Safety for human health. This material is resistant to moisture, heat and light. It is non-toxic, and will not release harmful vapors into the air, which allows you to safely use the pool in any conditions.
  5. Large selection of colors and textures. Today there are no restrictions on the choice of the design of pool finishing. It is created by the customer at the time of purchase. The surface may be what you need for the intended design of the environment.

Advantages in work with us.

Having decided to order a pool of resin from us, you will make a rational and correct decision. There is a main reason for this: our resins are based on polymer or epoxy bases and other high-tech components. All of them have proven Italian quality, they work in the construction market for more than 50 years. We constantly hold research in this field and successfully use them in our technologies. Our pools of resin are absolutely safe, reliable and practical, and necessarily comply with all the necessary certification requirements.

The second positive factor is the high qualification of the masters and their experience with polymer resins. The gallery of our works will show you a lot of industrial, residential or public objects. We provide our specialists with certification that guarantees the correct performance of all works in compliance with the technical standards and technological protocols. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality work that will please you for many years.

The work is carried out taking into account your wishes, preliminary reconciliation of the technical task and the terms of its implementation.

Contact our office by phone or on-line so that we can answer all the questions and give you an exhaustive information about the pools of resin.

Please contact us! Here you will be sure that your pool will be of high quality, it will be made on time, and the price will pleasantly please you!

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