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Microcement floors - Pros and Cons!

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Recently, such a new floor covering as microcement has become increasingly popular. Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of this type of finishing.

What are the advantages of microcement as a flooring material?

  1. The covering is firmly fixed on any surface. It can even be applied to tile and glass, and it will keep tight.
  2. Microcement is famous for its durability and resistance to mechanical loads. It is extremely difficult to damage this covering, so it can be used not only in residential premises, but also in production.
  3. Due to its water resistance and water repellency, microcement is especially useful for rooms constantly exposed to moisture and steam - kitchens, bathrooms, baths, pools, etc.
  4. Incombustibility and resistance to high temperatures play an important role in ensuring fire safety.
  5. The smooth monolithic surface does not have hard-to-reach spots for dirt accumulation and generation of bacteria and fungus, which makes the covering especially hygienic.
  6. The thickness of a microcement covering layer is only 3 millimeters, which leads to very low material consumption. Along with durability, this makes the use of microcement profitable from the point of view of cost.
  7. The surface of the covering is nice to the feel and handwarm, which helps to create comfort in the room.
  8. Aesthetic appearance is also attributed to the advantages of this material. Besides the fact that a microcement floor has perfectly smooth and even surface, it can have the necessary color and texture, corresponding to a general concept of a room design.

What should be remembered so as not to transform advantages into disadvantages?

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  1. In order for micro cement to meet the stated standards, it must be laid correctly. This process requires special knowledge and skills, as well as special materials. Therefore, it is better to ask specialists for help and not to try to do it by yourself according to instructions from the Internet.
  2. The strength of a microcement covering is due to the high compressive resistance, but the rupture impact can lead to unpleasant results. To avoid this, a base should be perfectly aligned before laying.
  3. In addition, a base for laying must be dry so that the high adhesion properties of micro cement can be on full display.
  4. The covering consists of several layers, each of which is laid in turn and requires complete drying before laying the next one. Therefore, applying a microcement floor takes time.
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