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Modern pools finishing with microcement.

piscina in microcemento

Microcement is a new concept in decorative finishing of modern design pools, which allows to create a strong and durable surface. This decorative plaster has its own unique individual texture with a rich color palette, which gives designers and decorators the opportunity to realize any ideas. Micro-cement has long been used successfully in a modern finishing and was appreciated by the architects and designers of the whole world.

Why micro cement is one of the best materials for pool finishing?

Micro-cement is a two-component cement-polymer innovative decorative material of a new generation. It is a thin, about 1-2 mm, seamless decorative coating, which includes: A unique polymer formula, micro cement, quartz and color pigment with high color stability. Therefore, micro cement is highly durable and it is an alternative to the ceramic tiles.

It has very high strength characteristics for abrasion, compression and bending. It allows you to withstand the direct loss of water without damage. It is water resistant, which allows it to be successfully applied in the decoration of swimming pools, shower rooms and bathrooms, plumbing units and any other premises where there is a high amount of moisture and water.

A seamless structure provides resistance to the colonies of bacteria that often appear in pools and require constant cleaning. Traditional tile finishing has seams, where fungus and mold are often formed, and a continuous layer of micro-cement plaster with the fungicidal additives and a wax coating, which imparts additional water-repellent properties, makes the surfaces absolutely invulnerable. It is also easy to clean and wash.

Micro-cement is easily applied to curved surfaces. It is easy joined with any materials and allows you to make repairs and renovation in the pool quickly and without having to dismantle the old coating.

It also completely solves the problem of slippery floors. Such a surface is not subject to slipping. If the pool floor or basin are finished, it is brought to mirror smoothness and closed with the special impregnations to reduce the coefficient of friction on the material from the water side.

All of the above factors indicate that micro cement is fully consistent with all modern requirements of consumers. It is environmentally safe, non-slipping, hygienic, and most importantly - lasting and durable!

Why us?

Pools finishing with micro cement has become popular not only because of the versatility of materials, but also because of the relatively fast work. And if you want the work to be done not only quickly, but also qualitatively, then order it from the experienced specialists in our company.

In the "V&V" company you can choose a decorative micro cement for finishing the pool of Italian production. We created it in the best traditions of European finishing works, therefore it meets all modern requirements of consumers.

The use of micro cement for swimming pools has already become a tradition, and our catalog will help you to follow them, because there are a number of positive points for this.

  1. Advantageous cost. We are manufacturers, which immediately hints on the price reduction, because we do not have any dealer percentages and extra charges. Our factory has been operating in the north of Italy since 1964 and all this time it was one of the leaders in the construction market.
  2. High-tech micro-cement. It is manufactured in Italy and meets all the European safety and quality requirements.
  3. Professional masters. Our experts will make for you the finishing of the pool with micro cement. They have professional qualifications and perform their work quickly and efficiently.
  4. Advantageous cost of works. By purchasing the decorative micro cement on our website, you will have the opportunity to use the services of the best masters in the field of finishing works.
  5. Accounting for all works in the contract. Before the commencement of work an agreement is drawn up, which takes into account all the details and the features of the project, the price and the deadlines.
  6. Examples of ready-made pools can be found in our gallery on the website. Samples of the work done using micro cement in video and photographic materials. A large gallery of ideas of our masters for the decoration of bathrooms, shower cabins, kitchens, industrial and residential premises. Having looked at already ready solutions, it will be easier for you to decide on your project.
  7. Competent consultations of our experts. You will be provided on request with all the necessary information, features of materials and possible details of the implementation. Call the phones listed on the site if you have any questions. Also you can use the feedback form, leaving your phone; we will call you back as soon as possible and consult you about the materials and works.
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