Microcement shower stall

Renovation of microcement shower stall.

We received a request for renovation of a damaged shower stall in Bergamo. It was done in microcement, but, due to the shrinkage of the house foundation, some cracks were formed on the walls and have compromised  the waterproof and water repellent properties of microcement and resulted in the infiltration of water from the inside of the shower stall.

Our step:

  1. We start with the surface grinding with  60 grain sandpaper , then remove the dust.
  2. We prepare the smoothing Apsecrete Deco mesh, add quartz fillings (grain 0.01-0.05 mm). And fill in the cracks.
  3. After 4-6 hours, when shaving is dry, we glue the reinforcing mesh and apply the Apsecrete Deco primer.
  4. Once dried (12-24h)we grind it with 80 grain sandpaper and remove the dust.
  5. We apply the first layer of Minirasex.
  6. When the first layer has dried (12-24 hours) we grind it, remove the dust and apply the second layer of microcement.
  7. After drying of the second layer (6-24 hours), we grind, remove the dust and apply the third layer of a finer grain Minirasex Fine microcement to give a smoother look to the surface.
  8. Once dried, we do the grinding (grain 150-300) and remove the dust.
  9. The next step is applying of "Anticato" effect. Since we are renovating only one of the walls we select the original colour. How do we get "Anticato" effect? We add a dry pigment Apsewax  to our product and apply it with a felt cloth.
  10. Then we apply two layers of  a clear  Metalcril 35 finish on a dry surface. It is one-component solution that is applied with a felt roller. Before applying of the second layer, the first layer must dry for at least 8-24 hours.
  11. After that we cover the underlying seams with a black Apsegom sealant.
  12. Subsequently, after drying of the second finishing layer, we rub into the surface two layers of protective Apsewax wax. The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first, ie, not before 6-8 hours.

It took 4 days to complete the whole cycle. The result is visible in photos and videos.

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