Laying of industrial resin flooring

Industrial epoxy resin floor application. Renovation of the existing industrial floor.

We have received the request for renovation of the industrial resin floor and the application of a new floor in Gorla Maggiore, Varese province.

Our steps:

  1. We start with grinding of the existing surface.
  2. Then we remove the dust.
  3.  Cover the joints and cracks with Apsestuk filler.
  4. After drying, ie 6-8 hours, apply Apseprimer CS.
  5. After 12 hours, we apply the first layer of Apselive 20. To consume less material we apply an ultrathin layer of Apselive 20 with the help of spatula.
  6. After drying of the first layer (12-24 hours), cover joints and cracks if necessary.
  7. After 6-24 hour the filler has dried, and  we apply the second layer  Apselive 20 self-leveling floo.
  8. In this particular case, the client wanted to economize and did not order the self-leveling version but opted for a simplier solution. Therefore, we apply Apselive 20 with a roller, spreading carefully the material on the surface.
  9. After drying of the second layer , ie after 12-24 hours, apply a single transparent protective layer of polyurethane Vernilux Pol.
  10. After complete polymerization and drying (7 days) the industrial floor it is ready for use.

It took us four days to perform the whole application. The result can be seen from photos and videos.

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