floor in epoxy resin

Decorative epoxy resin floor!

In this article, we'll show you a video and describe a decorative Apselive 30 resin floor application!

Our steps and the necessary materials:

  1. We prepare the surface (screed, tiles, wood, etc.), in order to obtain the best adhesion with our material. We grind it and remove the dust.
  2. Prepare the primer, a two-component material, with the addition of quartz fillings (for a better viscosity) and apply it with the help of spatula on the prepared surface.
  3. After 12-24 hours the primer has dried. We sweep away the sand, (which can be safely reused). Grind (80 grain) and sweep  away the residual dust(the dust can not be reused).
  4. Then we pass to the application of the first layer of the floor. Mix, following the dosages, the self-leveling floors Apselive 30  mesh adding a little bit of a quartz fillings. Mix the two components considering the use of 1-1.5 kg. per m² at a thickness of 1-2 mm. Then apply it in a thin layer  with the help of spatula.
  5. Pour the mixture onto the prepared surface. Use the spatula to spread it over the entire surface. 10-15 minutes after application, switch to a spiked roller to de-aerate.
  6. After 12-24 hours of application of the first layer we apply the protective finish. To create a "non-slip" effect also add a mapefloor filler.
  7. After 12-24 hours apply the second layer of protective finish.
  8. Protective finishes are applied by a roller. Before applying the second layer, the first layer must be dry (8-24 hours)

It took 3 days to complete this selflevelling floor. The result is visible on photos and videos.

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