Floors made of decorative resin

Decorative resin floor, Apsecrete Deco system!

In this article, we'll show you a video and describe the process of decorative microcement and Apsecrete Deco resin floor application !

  1. We prepare the surface (screed, tiles, marble, etc.), in order to obtain the best adhesion with our material. We grind it and remove the dust.
  2. We prepare one of the following primers, and apply it on already prepared surface. (on the reinforcing net)
  3. After 12-24 hours the primer has dried. We grind(80 grain) the surface and remove the dust.
  4. We apply the first layer of the floor. Since Apsecrete Deco resin is a two-component polymeric material, we mix well the two components considering the size and calculating that the consumption of the material for the first layer is about 2 kg. per m2 with thickness of 1 mm. We apply in a thin layer with the help of spatula.
  5. After drying of the first layer (6-24 hours) we grind (grain 150-300) the surface and remove the dust.
  6. We apply the second Apsecrete Deco floor layer. The consumption of the material for the second layer is lower (about 0.5-0.7 kg. per m2).
  7. After drying of the second layer (6-24 hours) we grind (grain 150-300) the surface and remove the dust.
  8. We apply two layers of protective finish on the dry surface. Protective finishes are applied with the help of roller. Before applying the second layer the first layer should be dry. This lasts 8-24 hours.
  9. In the end, after drying of the second finishing layer, we apply two layers of protective Apsewax. The second layer is applied after complete drying of the first, that is, not before 6-8 hours.

We spent 4 days to complete this resin floor application . The result is visible on photos and videos.

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