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Resin and microcement floors with colour effects.

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Resin floors with colour effects are distinguished from other types of floors thanks to their infinite advantages: wide range of colours, the ability to host a drawing or photograph, durability, solidity and practicality. They are used in apartments, condominiums,schools and places of entertainment. They are become a particular detail that gives a sense of magic to every single space. The possibilities for realization of this type of flooring have no limits because resin can imitate any kind of material, and perfectly adapt to any style and colour.

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How does a microcement floor get colour effects?

In general, a resin or microcement floor gets a 3D effect thanks to a transparent polymeric finishing material. In comparison to the application technology of other coatings, the only difference is that there is a printed image placed under the finishing layer.

Where resin floors with colour effects are used?

This original coating is usually used to enrich and customize the interior design and decor in cafes, restaurants, offices or shops. In addition, it is often used in shopping malls or in places of entertainment for children. Among the various solutions we apply product images or logo, and sometimes even 3D images.

Moreover, thanks to their water resistance, they are simply perfect for apartments, especially in rooms with high humidity levels, such as bathroom or kitchen. Sea bottom imitation or stone or tile effect make resin floor an apple of the eye of your home.

What about the application of voluminous images and what are the chips?

The application of voluminous images is performed by pouring an epoxy or polyurethane resin over the layer that contains an image. You can use not only printed images but also flocks, glitters and acrylic chips. These are coloured tiny fragments of polymer, which donate maximum realism and a special charm to the whole coating
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