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How to choose a resin floor?

resin floor

Wide range of coatings available on the market sometimes make even experienced manufacturers lose their head. So what to say about an ordinary person who has decided to renovate his home. Add to this the problem of finding useful information on which product to choose: usually the distributors and DIY stores do not provide a lot of information on product features or its use. Contact our office, and you will receive a detailed description of the selected floor with all recommendations on its maintenance and use.

With us, you will get an answer to your question about how to choose a resin or microcement floor and on what type of coating will perfectly meet your needs. So, what should you know regarding the choice of a modern coating?

What are the must characteristics of a resin floor?

First, you should determine the basic requirements for your future self levelling floor. To do that  answer the following questions:


  1. What is the room used for? Is it an industrial or warehouse hall, a room in apartment or in kindergarten, a public place or a kitchen in your house. The properties your future floor should possess directly depend on the its future use.
  2. The state of the substrate. Does the existing surface need some preparation, do you still need  to pour a screed or everything is ready for the application?
  3. What mechanical stress and chemical detergents your future floor will be exposed to? Will it be subjected to foot traffic, machinery traction, will it be in contact with chemical solutions, or is it a standard kitchen floor in your apartment?
  4. Would you like to have some colour effects, or you just need a simple but solid coating? Would you like your floor to host a 3D image, or to create a special texture or pattern?
  5. Should you floor possess special qualities? Should it be fireproof, with rough or particularly smooth and shiny surface?

You are done with all the questions, then you are welcome to our experts! They will describe in detail, which floor will satisfy all your needs and what are the necessary steps to prepare the substrate correctly.

Epoxy or polyurethane resin floors are resistant to acids, and any other aggressive chemical solutions. Usually they are destined for industrial use. Floors with polyurethane component are more versatile and tolerate temperature changes, impacts and trampling. They are often used for apartments.

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