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Established in 1964 by Riccardo Vavassori, APSE is today among the largest producers and exporters of made-in-Italy surface hardeneres, cements, self-leveling epoxy and polyurethane resins. APSE products are the best solution for making industrial, civil and commercial floors, living surfaces.

V&V srl – high quality and innovative products!

Constant technological research and deep perusal of chemical and building sector innovations performed at APSE's laboratory, are the key to success and to an outstanding market position.


  • APSE's products are market leaders due to their competitiveness, top quality, and being made in Italy.
  • APSE manages in such a way to produce specific materials tailored to diverse customer 's requests, always in accordance with local laws.
  • The production control of concrete, special slurry, toppings and resins floor hardeners is certificated by UNI EN ISO 9001 :2008 quality control system.
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  • Since 2007 APSE is partner with ITALCEMENTI SPA in the concrete photo-catalytic project, TX ACTIVE low environment impact, allowing to retain up to 60% of fine dust and particles dangerous for the health.
  • This effectiveness has been tested for an extended period of time and finally certificated by independent research companies, such as CNR, ARPA, Centro Ricerche di lspra (lspra Research Center).


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APSE is a family run company.

Following statistics, in Italy over 80% of all enterprises are family-run. Our Company is a great creative family, eager to welcome new arrivals. We grant support to all our partners and distributors. Because Family is the most important thing in our lives. Thanks to the new generations, our products are constantly improved and modeled  after customers' needs. Lab tests ensure continuity in this perfecting process.

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We'll welcome you in our giant family of business values, high quality, refined solutions, maintenance and customer support.

To do great business with great products is easy and remunerative.

  • the range of high quality products with unlimited application possibilities;
  • comfy and practical catalogs to browse; a rich selection of promotional materials; training seminars and classes;
  • training and courses on application technology and materials processing;
  • favorable conditions for business collaboration;
  • the opportunityto start your own business, no extra charge.

«Minirasex» microcement: modern Italian quality!

Do it with APSE! APSE's main features:

  • a flexible discount system;
  • resin floor

  • One of the major creations APSE is MINIRASEX microcement: durable and reliable.
  • From our experts' skills, the outstanding quality of the product.
  • Based on the reputation of APSE company, the absolute trust in the MINIRASEX SYSTEM.
  • Our main care is to respect our customers' needs. Hence, here is a product of immutable Italian quality!

A winning decision for many reasons:

  1. the versatility of the material, which allows its use on practically any surface; the three-layer structure, which offers high resistance and reliability;
  2. the thin finishing layer: up to 3 mm; variety of colors and textures;
  3. the speed of installation of the coating System;
  4. the absence of seams and joints; the ease of use and maintenance;
  5. the possibility for quick correction and repair!

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Resin Floors

The resin floors produced by our company are a symbol of reliability and strength. In our range of products you will find those suitable for industrial floors, decorative floors, resin floors and 3D floors.

We are able to satisfy all the requests of those who have a need for a quality floor. To chose made-in -Italy floor products, directly from the manufacturer, is the best way to enjoy a perfect work under your feet, every day!

The microcement floors offer many advantages: excellent resistance, the possibility of laying on any surface thanks to their high adhesion, they are practical and non-allergenic and are of fast and simple installation.

Add the fact that you can chose any color, finish, texture shape and pattern, and our coatings become the best solution for your needs!