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Terrazzo  floors, Veneziana floors.

pavimento veneziana

Floors "Veneziana" is a new trend in the field of Polymeric Coatings, they have proven to be reliable, durable floors with unlimited design possibilities. The company V&V S.R.L. is engaged in development and manufacturing of modern coatings of the highest quality.  The first positions among the European market leaders in the production of innovative coatings and their components, allow us to completely satisfy the demands of the construction market for floor finishing. Our success lies in the constant research carried out in our own laboratory. This is an opportunity to deeply study the modern chemical and construction market needs, and create requested materials.

What are the "terrazzo", "veneziana" floors? What are they made like?

The peculiarity of such coating lies in its aesthetic appeal and great design possibilities. All because the entire thickness of the coating is filled with a transparent or, if necessary, pigmented resin of the desired color. There are large and small fractions of other stones and materials of different colors buried in the resin layer: granite, basalt, marble, onyx, jasper, quartz sand, particles of polymers, etc. This decorative solution is then being grounded, polished and transformed into a unique pattern on the floor, which can be compared to ancient Roman mosaics.

The main stages of the laying process of the floors "terrazzo", "veneziano":

  1. The floor base is being ground and processed: first it is being leveled by sandblasting, then dusted, then adhesive furrows are applied, if necessary, holes and cracks are refilled;
  2. Formwork and screeds are installed;
  3. The primer is applied on the surface of the base;
  4. Polymer mixtures of mosaic are applied, leveled, compacted and rubbed with special machines;
  5. All pores are filled with transparent fillers;
  6. The finished surface is ground, polished, and coated with protective agents and varnishes.

Advantages of floors "veneziana", "terrazzo".

First, it is worth emphasizing once again that the design solutions of "veneziana" floors are unlimited. They can be monochrome and multicolored, with fillers of different sizes and colors, divided into several sectors and can perfectly imitate the old Italian mosaics. You may change the color of fillers and compound ad infinitum, and create the unique floor that you have in mind. Want brightness and shine? - add sparkle and nacreous finish; want elegance and restraint? – choose marble and granite. In fact, your choice will be limited only by your imagination. The finished surface is polished once again in order to emphasize the play of colors and shades.

Second, modern type of floors "terrazzo" enjoy the fiber-optic technology that enables this type of coating to maintain its attractive appearance and all the colors in the original form. When the floors begin to age, there are no external indicators of it, since the decorative elements are placed evenly throughout the thickness of the coating.

Third, polymer floors "veneziana" have a hard and wear-resistant surface, that withstands the temperature drops, shocks and abrasion, they are resistant to chemical and aggressive substances. Also they suit well in places where water-resistance is required, because the water can remain on their surface for a long time without penetrating into the coating itself. Playing with the components, the floors "Terrazzo" can be made completely impermeable or vapor-permeable.

For these reasons, such a coating is chosen by clients wherever a successful combination of aesthetic appeal and overstrength is important: in public institutions, in industrial premises, in kindergartens, schools and pharmaceutical buildings, as well as in warehouses and airports.

Prices for self-levelling floors Veneziano.

The cost and the lead time for the self-levelling floors Veneziana are strictly individual and depend on the specific order. But you can request the preliminary calculations from our specialists. To do this, it is enough to contact us by phone or e-mail providing the preliminary parameters of the premises. What is included in the price of the self-levelling floor "terrazzo":

  1. cost of materials: since the floors  consist of several layers, and made of different materials, then the prices will vary accordingly.
  2. cost of works: it is calculated based on a different volume of work and parameters of the premises where the work will be carried out. Professional work shall be done by qualified trained specialists, utilising special equipment, and all this requires financial investments, thus costs a lot.

Also please consider the decorative features of the future coating. The price will be impacted by the drawings, the complexity of design patterns and rapports, the cost of fillers, the number of pigments and paints. If you order the floor in the minimalist style, with only one colour and one filler, then its price will be lower. And original and impressive mosaics and drawings will cost more.



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